10 Foods You Should Bann Eating at Night To lose 3 KGs per Week

An adage says have ‘breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper’. And now even science backs it up. Many recent studies show that eating heavy foods at breakfast and a light dinner is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, for most of us, dinner is the one meal, we look forward to all day. We rush out early morning, often skipping breakfast. Lunch is a quick affair due to time constraints. Only eating at night can we eat a hearty meal.

We can surely understand that eating like a ‘pauper’ is out of the question. But there are certain foods we can avoid eating at night that might help. This list will help you plan your dinner meals accordingly.


We Pakistanis love our spices. The spicier the food the better. But eating a spicy meal for dinner is not a good idea. It can irritate your stomach also resulting in heartburn.

foods to avoid at night

For your body to fall asleep peacefully, your body temperature needs to be lower. Spicy food does the opposite due to its high heat content. You will have trouble falling asleep.


There are so many benefits of onions that we stopped counting. Unfortunately for dinner, eating onions especially raw will do more harm than good.

foods to avoid at night

Yes, raw onion salad is a must have for our dinner tables. But unless you’re ok being gassy all night long, we suggest you skip it. The gases can also cause acid reflux and heartburn in some.

  1. PASTA

Pasta is a quick and easy fix for those tiring days when you have no strength to cook. But consuming pasta at night is a big no no.

foods to avoid at night

Very high in carbohydrates, pasta will spike your insulin levels. Plus, you can easily consume more calories eating pasta than anything else. All these calories will not do you a favor, settling instead to make your waist rounder.


Our meal time isn’t complete without a little something sweet. But think again before reaching out for that piece of chocolate.

foods to avoid at night

The sweet treat has a high caffeine intake which robs you of your sleep. Plus, the high sugar and fat content won’t help either.


foods to avoid at night

While dry fruits contain the good kind of fat, at night their cons outweigh the pros. The high fiber content will make you gassy and can also result in cramps.


Say goodbye to the pizzas and cheeseburgers.

foods to avoid at night

Cheese has been added to the list of things to avoid eating at night. If you absolutely must have some, do so before 9pm.


While it may seem that a high protein meal, especially at night will be a smart choice, it is very far from the truth.

foods to avoid at night

Consuming large quantities of red meat at night will not only keep you up all night, it will also make the time unbearable. You are more likely to experience heartburn and acid reflux.


This is a no brainer really. We have coffee to get rid of the sleepiness.

foods to avoid at night

Drinking it at night will do that same. So unless you’re pulling an all-nighter, skip it.


foods to avoid at night

Fruits like oranges are acidic in nature. Eating them at night will add to stomach issues. They disturb digestion, irritate the stomach lining and can also cause ulcers.


We were just as surprised. Our night time ritual starts with a cup of green tea. But many studies now suggest you avoid it at night.

foods to avoid at night

Green tea also has caffeine in it so it interferes with your sleep. Furthermore many stimulants present in it increase heart rate and make you more anxious.

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