10 Positive Traits of Nawaz Sharif that PTI Lovers also Admit

Although Nawaz Sharif is no more Prime Minister Of Pakistan but here are some facts and things that will remember by him:

  1. Friendly Nature and Attitude:

Nawaz Sharif the current Prime Minister of Pakistan has always proven that he is has a friendly nature. Whether he playing politically or serving being head of family he is always be seen friendly and welcoming. There are several examples that shows friendly nature of Nawaz Sharif.

  1. Nawaz Sharif is a Great Businessman:

Nawaz Sharif is a great businessman and I have mostly heard this from PTI supporters. Beside being greatly taunted over assets Nawaz Sharif is genuinely a great business man. He has conducted huge business powers and has grown businesses not only in Pakistan but outside of Pakistan. Steels mills and steel supply for government projects is live example of his personal business growth.

  1. Sportsman Spirit:

Nawaz Sharif was detained to opt running government rule for 3 times forcefully. History show he never reattacked or demanded legal case over his exile. In the era of Gen Pervez Musharraf, Nawaz Sharif beard deportation from Pakistan. He didn’t quit and accepted forced decision without filing any legal case against dictator Gen Pervez Musharraf.

  1. Open hearted:

After getting hold on government again in 2013 Nawaz Sharif elected as Prime Minister of Pakistan. He then got chance to charge Gen. Pervez Musharraf but he forgave him open heartedly.

  1. Always been concerned for Kashmir:

Kashmir is laying on harsh belt of India. Nawaz Sharif is a leader who always have shown serious concern and harmony for Kashmir and Kashmiries. In his present era, he raised Indian brutality on Kashmir in annual conference of United Nations. While no other politician or party leader in Pakistan showed up concern for Kashmir.

  1. Made Pakistan atomic power:

Many people think Army was the power behind creating atomic bomb in Pakistan. But it was Nawaz Sharif who rejected Bill Clinton’s offer and up hauled efforts of being atomic power.

  1. Aid for atomic power:

It was Nawaz Sharif’s friendly terms with Saudi Arabia which helped Pakistan getting financial aid from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

nawz sharif

  1. Always avoid war with India:

Pakistan’s Army is known as 7th most powerful army in whole world. significantly after winning two major wars with India Pakistan army always remain keen to fight with India again. It is Nawaz Sharif who always bear negative and unacceptable attitude of India to avoid war between both countries. It is this same man who avoid war because Pakistani nation is unstable and economy of Pakistan cannot afford war.

  1. Never integrated Punjab as developing province:

Unlike other political leaders, NS never exclaimed about development of Punjab province whenever addressed. He included his efforts that he made making Lahore of Punjab a developed province as he was given authorities to rule over Punjab only in his last political ruling duration.

  1. Never used slang language:

Beside the posts of social media arranged to compete other political parties on social networking websites no one has ever seen or hear Nawaz Sharif shouting or using language for any leader from opposition.

Bullet point

True democratic leader:

Nawaz Sharif is true democratic leader that has never used ruling power against opposition critique, protest or forcing parties. He allowed other opposition parties to protest and mention all lacks they noticed and being neglected by federal government.

Post Author: Farrukh Saeed

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