How 2017 will be for you, find your zodiac sign and know your year – Part 1


zodiac sign

You can look forward to a successful phase during the coming twelve months. Financial gains are in store for independent entrepreneurs and professionals while the employed will receive increase in salary with additional perks.

Youngsters starting out in their career will receive favorable job offers from organizations of repute and they will get an opportunity to put their education and training to gainful use. It will be a period of hard work that will require stamina and skill to maintain their jobs.

However, if you manage to deliver efficiently then you are assured stability with prospects of growth to higher positions. Those keen to work overseas will get to travel during the course of their current job or they may even receive an offer from an organization having branches in foreign countries. Business people will achieve stability in their work and succeed in expanding their sphere of activities to other regions and states. Those who are in trading will do well and are advised to restrict their activities to trading and commission work and not harbor thoughts of getting into manufacturing. Young women after having qualified as chartered accountants, management graduates or completing mass communication will begin their jobs at a high position right from the start. Those desirous of working in the television media will receive suitable offers.


zodiac sign

The coming year begins on a favorable note by you signing an important contract for job or business. You must now work towards attaining your goals in your career for you will find all round support in your endeavors and opportunities abound to fulfil your dreams.

Business people will feel optimistic and have the courage to take calculated risk in their fresh projects and emerge successful. Some of you will take-over an abandoned project where the earlier entrepreneur may have blocked his/her monies and suffered loss. With your hard work and ingenuity, you will turnaround this venture and make substantial profit much to the surprise and delight of financial institutions and those who may have financed this enterprise earlier. Some of you will make inroads into the international market and establish a base in a foreign country. The employed will achieve rapid growth in their organization and qualified managers will take charge of an important division in their company. Youngsters will get an opportunity to work hard and prove their merit that will get suitable rewarded.


It will be a slow start to progress and growth during the next twelve months. You may have had a few problems in your career and business during the last couple of months that are now gradually being resolved.

You will soon come to grips with these hurdles and find suitable ways to clear all obstacles in your path to success. The employed will get a fresh offer that they have been anticipating for long.

You can now start afresh and will get ample opportunities to display your skill and prowess in your field of specialization. Some of you will work for multinationals and will be sent abroad for training or even get posted overseas for a period of two years. Business people will wind up their loss making units and set up a new enterprise that has the potential for growth. You are advised to work independently for partnerships and joint ventures will not last long resulting in loss. Those trading in consumer goods or in imports/exports will make sizeable gains during the course of this year. Some of you may even set-up an office in a foreign country to facilitate working. Youngsters seeking a career in service oriented firms or in the media will get opportunities that will establish them in their field of work.


zodiac sign

The successful phase you have been enjoying will get extended into this year making you confident about your future. However, it will be wise to consolidate and strengthen your position in order to combat invisible pitfalls lurking ahead that get revealed during the next few months.

Someone close to you will spring a surprise by attempting to sidetrack you for his or her own personal gains. A warning heeded to well in advance will prepare you to overcome such elements without jeopardizing your job or financial stability. Business people should wait for better market conditions before they embark upon their new enterprise or expanding their existing projects.


zodiac sign

You will have to work hard to achieve your career goals during the next twelve months. There are likely to be several obstacles making the going rather difficult most of the year. However, you are known for your perseverance and practical wisdom and this will enable you to circumvent and avoid some of major hurdles that come along.

You will have to tread a lonely path for there will few who will be worthy of trust and more than likely your colleagues and associates are the ones to let you down.


zodiac sign

Travel and frequent change in job or business enterprise marks this as a unique year for most of you. Go along with any change that comes along for with every move or change you will be improving your career and financial prospects.

The employed keen to make their career in foreign lands will get an opportunity to travel overseas through a relative or a close friend. However, you are advised to have something confirm in hand before embarking on your journey.

The planetary configuration indicates opportunities coming along and not that you should focus and make moves in getting abroad and then trying your luck for doing that will be an error. Youngsters starting out in their career should accept whatever is proffered and not expect red carpet treatment from companies of repute just because they may have qualified with merit and distinction or even be a gold medalist in their specialized subjects. Making a beginning this year will be more advantageous than waiting for what they consider suitable and losing out a year.

Business people will make good progress and expand their enterprise that obviously entails further investment. Hence an occasional financial crunch is likely and they may have to resort to borrowing to fulfil their commitments.

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