How 2017 will be for you, find your zodiac sign and know your year – Part 2


zodiac sign

This will be a fortunate year for growth and prosperity. There will be some major changes in your work in that the focus seems to shift to foreign lands with a likelihood of a change of location.

Financial gains continue and you will be able to secure yourself in your business and profession. Those working jointly or in partnership will undergo some changes and may decide to work independently. Some of you will set-up a new venture in collaboration with an overseas partner that will prove profitable.

Those in the business of trading or working on commission, or in the service industry, will make rapid progress during the course of the year. Those having manufacturing units may decide to restructure their work and shift focus into more service or trading. Those in steel industry, or information technology can look forward to tremendous progress over the next couple of years. The employed will do very well and those keen to travel abroad on job will get lucrative offers from overseas. Some of you will work within the country for multinational group and travel frequently overseas.


zodiac sign

This is a fortunate year for those born under the sign Leo. You will do remarkably well in your career and business and achieve financial stability with comfortable ease.

The employed will begin the year with them getting a promotion with substantial increase in salary.

Youngsters will take up their new job in a large organization with great enthusiasm and with determination to prove their merit that they will succeed in doing. Those in jobs requiring them to travel will move widely within the country before they are assigned international projects that may initially require them to take training overseas. Needless to say a successful phase in their career has begun and they will make rapid progress in their present organizations. Business people will continue to do well and may even expand or branch out into new areas of operations. It would be in their interest to work independently for no advantage will accrue through joint ventures or partnerships. Those in the field of trading in fast moving consumer goods will make a mark in exports or imports and establish their supremacy in their region.


zodiac sign

You can look ahead to a year of progress and growth. Your career graph is gradually scaling upwards and you will be able to meet your targeted growth earlier than what you had envisaged.

Business people will work out new strategies to improve their profitability in that they will have the support of an efficient team and the backing of some influential people or group. Industrial production and marketing and trading will expand simultaneously into a wide area of operations.

Those in exports or imports will have a profitable tie-up with international group that itself will suffice to achieve a major breakthrough in their field of activity. The employed will do exceptionally well and their stock will rise in the employment circle. There will be several tempting offers coming along and most of you will feel inclined to seek a change. This is a favorable year for moving ahead and joining a larger group to further improve your career prospects. There will be a burning desire to immigrate to a foreign country and most of you will put in your papers for processing. These will be scrutinized positively and you can make plans to move overseas sometime around September/October this year. Some of you will receive job offers with an overseas placement and that will be the beginning of your plans to settle abroad for good.


zodiac sign

Brace yourself for some spectacular changes in your life, both in career and personal affairs. When someone like you have achieved stability and attained fair amount of success, indications of change are likely to send a sense of trepidation in your mind. Hence until you see the type of new developments happening there will be an element of uncertainty regarding your job or business.

This sort of phase is likely to continue for a couple of months and around August/September you will be pleasantly surprised by the turn of events that bring in its wake substantial monetary gains and a position of eminence in your job or profession. Some of you will see a change of job or location early in the year that will result in exceptional growth by the month of September. There will be focus on overseas work and some of you will travel abroad on an assignment while the business people will have gainful tie-ups with international clientele. Those keen to immigrate to a foreign country will get the necessary clearance and they will pack their bags and leave around October/November.


zodiac sign

You will be full of optimism and surge ahead in the pursuit of career goals. Success is assured to you in almost every endeavor or venture you undertake during the course of this year.

Financial stability will be achieved and some of you will now seek avenues that could bring you into public limelight. Business people from any industry or trade will make forays into the media and seek publicity to lend force to their business enterprise as well as for gaining personal recognition.

There is distinct thrust for overseas business like exports/imports or even working towards international trade tie-up with a view to expanding business. Some of will frequently travel abroad to get business or even to set-up a retail outlet or open an office to facilitate your growth in the international market. The employed will do very well this year and even those of you who may have joined in a junior level will get elevated to position of importance that gives them an opportunity to grow. Those keen to work overseas will get suitable offers and they will get settled in foreign country for good.


zodiac sign

You can look forward to a year of spectacular changes and growth. The jinxed of the past few years will get broken and you will surge ahead in your job and business.

The employed will get favorable offers from large organizations with a promise of handsome pay packet and other perks. Any job or work that relates to travel, marketing, liaison work, banking, advertising and technology sector will have immense scope for rapid growth.

Youngsters who are staring out in their career this year will get to work in organization of repute under highly trained professionals that will give them good initial training. Business people will receive loans to tidy over their past debts and begin anew. This will help them now to concentrate on their work and the progress they make from now onwards will enable them to clear off all their past debts if any. Some of you will look towards overseas market for setting up imports trade that may have great potential in the domestic market. You may well have some remarkable idea in a new business that could very well set off a trail of additional opportunities for others. You should endeavor to work independently for joint venture and partnership will not last and will result in setback. The existing joint ventures may also be heading towards dissolution.

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