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Nokia 3310 Banging Return – Nokia 3310 Price, Features and Specs

After 17 years, the iconic Nokia 3310 is back, and it has a statement to make in this era of Smartphones! With the same human touch sporting a new avatar look, the Nokia 3310 is right now the most talked about phone of 2017! HMD Global’s decision of bringing back this Nokia device has everyone […]

Google Paying Tribute to Abdul Sattar Edhi on His 89th Birthday

Top Search engine Google paid an honor to Abdul Sattar Edhi onTuesday with its Doodle representing him with his Edhi emergency vehicle, a mother with two children, medical center house, pet dog and a book. Google shown the the picture on its home page in various countries, such as Australia. The Google recognized Edhi in […]

Jimmy Kimmel Criticize Donald Trump at Oscar Awards 2017

Jimmy Kimmel Criticize Donald Trump at Oscar Awards 2017

  Jimmy Kimmel stabbed Donald Trump at the Oscar Awards 2017 ceremony in his starting conversation, saying thanks to Obama: “Remember a season ago when it seemed like the Academic Awards was racist?” In a self-effacing and sarcasm-laden conversation, Kimmel, who was hosting the ceremony for the first time, began by saying how he’d learned he […]


Super Highlights of Oscar Awards 2017 – Mahershala Ali is 1st Muslim Oscar Winner

Oscar 2017 Winners List is now out and everybody’s favorite “La La Land” won 7 awards out of its 14 total nominations. The grandiose event kick started with a gorgeous beginning with the right razzmatazz, bold dresses, controversial statements and of course, big boo-boos. Here is all you need to know about the Oscar Awards […]

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Story Behind Emma Stone Oscar Win – She Left Home at 14 to Join Hollywood

As Emma Stone was standing onstage at the Dolby Cinema recognizing her Best Actress award at the Academy awards (Oscar) on Weekend, she might think back to where it all started: A 9th quality record category in Scottsdale, Arizona. That’s where Stone, 14 at plenty of your time, made the decision she was remaining university […]

5 Pakistani Designer Made it Rocking at London Fashion Week 2017

Four designers have been part of the Fashion DNA mentorship program, initiated in Pakistan by the British Council. The designers have been part of the program for the past six months, training with global fashion big shots to hone skills in terms of business, production, marketing, creating their own brand and even on work ethics. […]

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Revealed Super New and Innovative Features

Samsung Galaxy S8 new leaks show us that the set has been upgraded with new features we usually do not see from the company. The Galaxy S8 is Samsung’s first flagship of 2018 and is a direct competitor to Apple’s iPhone 8, which is expected end-of-the-year. These features can be divided into 3 different headings […]


The Alarming Situation – Quaid e Azam’s Pakistan Divided in to Pieces

Today when I woke up, I planned that, I will write something about how to improve the technical skills in Pakistan and how to give a boost to entrepreneurship in Pakistan. But as usual, I logged in to Facebook and start scrolling down and came across a video, After watching this video, I asked myself […]

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John Travolta Latest Pics While Filming As John Gotti in NYC

  John Travolta, 63, is clearly the ideal acting professional to try out the well-known hoodlum David Gotti in the future biopic, The Life & Death Of John Gotti. Just look at how a little cosmetic, hair-styling and a clothing collection modify absolutely modified the Individuals vs. O.J. Simpson acting professional into the delayed mob […]


Another Solar System, TRAPPIST Discovered BY NASA – Another World for Living

This would be for the new that such a lot of human friendly worlds have been located rotating around a single world. The red small but very popular TRAPPIST-1 is about 40 light-years away from the World and it sits in the Aquarius constellation. It is a big task for NASA as three of these […]