5 Cases Shows Apple Airpods Failure  

How many readers here are Apple lovers. Mac, iPhone, iPad are most lavish gadgets available in market. There is some new addition in Apple’s family and that is Apple Airpods. Yes, these airpods are most awaited in fact everyone was curious to have them at launch of iPhone 7.

The Apple Airpods are available to buy now and now you can enjoy talking and listening music with wire free ear pod launched by Apple.

apple airpods

it should be no surprise that AirPods are in high demand right now: They’re a brand-new Apple product, and they’re a pair of wireless headphones. What’s not to love, right?


Aside from being wireless, there’s not much that justifies AirPods’ high price. Here are 5 reasons you should buy EarPods, Apple’s wired in-ear headphones, instead of AirPods.

Cost of Apple Airpods

EarPods cost $30.

AirPods cost $160.

Ear Pods can be controlled easily:

You can easily control EarPods’ volume with those physical controls attached to the wire. Hollis Johnson/Business Insider

EarPods can play/pause music and control volume via physical controls on the wires.

apple airpods

AirPods can play/pause music and control volume by double-tapping one of the two AirPods. But that’s just an optional setting: By default, AirPods can’t play/pause or change volume unless you activate Siri, which then pauses your music (ugh) so you can issue your command. No thanks.

Apple Airpods needs charging:

EarPods require no power, just an available headphone jack to work (or Lightning port, if you own an iPhone 7).

AirPods last about five hours, and come with a carrying case that will give you up to 24 additional hours of listening time. After that, music time is over until the next time you can recharge.

Apple Airpods cost you more:

If you lose EarPods, you’ll have to buy another pair for $30.

If you lose AirPods, Apple says you’ll have to buy a new pair, “just like any other Apple product.” Rumor has it Apple might offer a way for people to buy just one AirPod in case one is lost or stolen, but we’d still expect the replacement price of only one AirPod to cost more than a $30 pair of EarPods.

Earpods are stylish:

This is traditional earpods

and this is Apple’s new Airpods


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