5 Detox Drinks That Help You Get a Flat Tummy in 3 Months

Detox drinks help remove toxins from your body and make you healthier. Thus, you can notice fine changes in your overall appearance. Your body becomes leaner, your skin gets a glow, and even your hair appears shinier. With so many benefits why would anyone refuse a refreshing glass? But wait, there’s more. All these detox drinks make use of natural ingredients that you can easily find in your refrigerators.  So, do give them a try.


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Surely you have seen this recipe before. But that is only because it works well. Take a jug and fill it with two liters of water. Add chopped cucumber and lemon slices. Put in a little grated ginger and mint leaves and let it sit overnight. Try to finish it in one day but if you can’t a few glasses over two days works too. Make a fresh batch every two days if you can.


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Both strawberry and apple are in season so you can make fresh batches regularly. This recipe is equally delicious and healthy. Plus, it’s highly refreshing too. All you need is 2 liters of icy cold water, throw in a few slices of strawberries and apples. Squeeze in half a lemon and add in half a teaspoon of cinnamon. You can also put in some mint leaves for added freshness.


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By now you know how the drill goes. Basically, you’re consuming a lot of water which is good for you anyway. But now you are adding natural ingredients which come with their own special properties. Take 2 liters of water. Take half a watermelon and cut it into chunks. Add it to the water and let it sit for a few hours.


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Yes, this one is as delicious as it sounds. Cut slices of fresh pineapple and orange. Squeeze half a lemon in the water and add the fruits. Throw in some mint leaves and let it steep for a few hours. Chill and enjoy!


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This recipe is slightly different as it involves a little more effort on your part. You must boil three glasses of water on high heat for a few minutes. Once you see that the quantity has reduced to two glasses remove from heat and add in a tablespoon of fennel seeds. Cover and let it cool. Drink one glass during the day and one before bedtime.

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