5 Dr. Strange Lessons to keep up in 2017


Dr. Strange is the latest movie that I have watched after reading the deliberated reviews and high box office ratings. The movie with its extremely good cinematography lifted up my mood. The story is all about a surgeon doctor who think himself the most curing and godfather. We all know arrogance never pays you well and one day we all have to pay for our arrogant behavior. In film Dr. Strange also got what he never ever had an idea of. The first lesson that Dr. Strange gives us is:

Never be Arrogant on your skills:

Having a skill is God gifted and if you have it try to utilize maximum of it for the welfare of mankind. If you think you are best on something try to enhance and polish your skill rather than snatching wealth from people in terms of fees and rewards. Never be arrogant on your skill you have got one of it and other people may also have it even more than you but they don’t exaggerate.

There’s more to us than just our body:

Human brain is much powerful than human body. If you have will of doing something you can achieve it even if you don’t have body strength. After watching Dr. Strange I highly believe on saying, “when there is a will, there is a way”.

dr strange

Never Stop Learning Even If you are Master:

Human brain is so much powerful that it always accepts and adopt new things. A human brain is capable of learning new things so always learn new things from different environments.

Never trust on what people believe:

Scientifically we always say medicine and drugs can cure all diseases. The medicine technology is the best. But Dr. Strange tells us about other cures and healing techniques. Even when Strange got disappointed of every cure and medicine he tried and even he knows. He adopted an ancient way of healing and got benefited.

Forget everything you think you know

I don’t know if this is a great lesson, but movies are always telling me to do this. They don’t want me to forget everything I know, just the things I think I know. So first I have to sort everything into two piles: things I know, and things I think I know. Then I have to forget that whole second pile, after I just, for no reason, brought it up. It’s a huge hassle.

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