5 Reasons Why Mondelez International Hiring Chocolate Eater


Mondelez International is hiring chocolate tasters to improve their level of manufacturing delicious chocolates. The company is responsible for some of your favorite chocolate manufacturers – think Cadbury, Milks, prince and Oreo – have formally declared a starting to be a part of their group as a professional chocolate taster.

The effective applicant will help them to evaluate, perfect and release new services all over the world.

Posted on career social-networking site LinkedIn, Mondelez International is looking for someone with an interest for confectionary, the capability to tell the truth when providing a viewpoint and who is desperate to try new and innovative items.

Mondelez International

The job is only a part-time position that works 7.5 hours a week in Reading, GB. In the role, you will work with panelists in their discussion rooms and sensory booths.

The fortunate applicant must, of course, be able to flavor candy and chocolate drink products and use clearly described terminology to explain items.

Why Mondelez International Need Chocolate Tasters:

  • They Need to Improve:

The most obvious reason of hiring a chocolate eater and beverage taster is that the company want to improve taste of their production. They need common people with high spirit of giving honest opinion. On the basis of these opinions the company want to improve taste quality of their products.

  • They Want to Know Users Feedback:

Every company ask for feedback, from their customers to know what customers want. Hiring a chocolate taster seems same effort. Along with the feedback the company will get to know what a common person like. They we get how they should move further keeping the quality level high.

  • It is a Marketing Trick:

Placing a job post on world’s largest business and jobs community is not a big thing. The Mondelez International company posted a job for the position of chocolate eating. This is a kind of unrealistic job post that actually made to grab attention. Even if they hire someone for this job people still show curiosity and interest. Moreover, this can become a new marketing trend.

  • The Willy Wonka Fantasy:

Willy Wonka is one of the best childish fantasy. Even adults now want to have chocolate free chocolate eating fantasy in chocolate world. The Mondelez International giving a chance to make Willy Wonka fantasy come true by hiring a chocolate eater.

  • The Company making a Publicity

This is awesome to know about user taste and but the way company is making a publicity because this job post has made an extra hype on social media and internet.


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