5 Scorpio Characteristics that urge to have Scorpio Friends

25th October 2016 and month of Scorpions has started. There are many people who don’t believe in zodiac sings and stars. But its significance has depth and importance that can’t be neglected.  I am myself Libra and my favorite star is Scorpio. There are lots of good qualities that made scorpions most wanted people among a bunch. I am mentioning top 5 scorpion characteristics:


This first of many cool characteristics of a Scorpio can sometimes make them seem cruel but they really aren’t!

What they want is a simple, non-fussy relationship with people, a relationship free of fake smiles and fake hugs and fake words.

This amazing, totally admirable quality makes Scorpio a truly magnificent friend, especially if you enjoy honesty and are tired of people who say, “You look lovely” but think, “Your ass looks fat in those jeans!”.



But Scorpio won’t only tell you when you look fat but do everything in its power to get you out of those unflattering jeans and into something that will enhance your appearance instead of degrading it!

Even if that means passing you a favorite pair of his/her jeans, simply because they look good on you.

A Scorpio will walk all over town just to find a perfect present for a loved one and do all kinds of nice things to surprise him or her.

And in case you love home cooked meals made especially for you or melt whenever somebody remembers to buy you your favorite bar of chocolate, you’ll definitely love how thoughtful Scorpios are.


Although quite jealous at times, Scorpios generally are very good partners.

They aren’t super into discussing their emotions but they will show you everything you’re hoping to see and feel!

They are very romantic, incredibly passionate, totally magnetic but reliable and dedicated to their partners as well.

The fact that they are looking for a meaningful type of relationship might be the best Scorpio trait ever, especially if you, too, happen to be that type of person.

So, keep your eyes open and never dismiss a charming Scorpio based on stereotypes about this sign.

4- PLANTED ON EARTH BUT…scorpio-people

Speaking about nice Scorpio characteristics we dreamy and naïve Zodiac signs need to respect – don’t you just love the way Scorpios can’t be bought?

Even when blinded by passion and half in love, a Scorpio will always be able to see through the kindnesses, detect ulterior motives and express an opinion on such things without even blinking.

They’re extremely practical, which is a great trait to have!


Scorpios are quite ambitious and will never settle for less than what they are destined for which means you certainly must add persistence to your list of Scorpio characteristics!

A Scorpio in general isn’t afraid to “work for it” and will gladly accept and endure all upgrades on both personal and professional level as long as that gets them closer to where they think they should be.

Not a bad quality at all…especially not in today’s society!

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