6 Horrible Things Fairness Creams Are Doing To Your Skin

It is customary for people in our culture to introduce beauty standards that drive all men and women go running after. It is like a rat race, endorsed by capitalism, forcing our people to believe the natural way they are made or the changes that come along.

It is not suggested that you do not take care of your skin. It’s a vital organ of your body, one that you should always be concerned about. Certainly, there are products offering first class effects that benefit to it. But where these thrive, there are some that are prone to causing damage. The damage is not little; the damage is formidable, to the point it can tangle you into adverse conditions where medical treatment is summoned on all costs.

Before you use your beauty cream next, please carefully read the following things it may cause to your skin.


Perhaps the most major things that can happen over usage of any beauty cream. Photosensitivity is an extreme consequence of prolonged usage. The moment you are out in sunlight, “the wheel of problems” start rolling. The ultra-violet rays can cause rashes, sunburn and sore your skin. These may evolve to painful terms, which is a hallmark of medical attention.

On top of all, applying any facial mask to the existing damaged phase of skin will only lend credence to the problem. Usually, your skin becomes red should a potent steroid (present in beauty creams) is subjected towards skin for more than 4 weeks. Small bumps may appear at once; they may be scaly and extremely itchy. Overtime enlarged blood vessels surface, and skin becomes hypersensitive.


Yes, cancer! Prolonged usage of beauty creams leads to cancer. It is most important that you only use high-quality products and remain extremely cautious of certain ingredients even in those products. Steroid-based creams or creams induced with mercury and hydroquinone are supposed to be avoided. We come across many products that contain the specific substance. It is always advisable to hamper the contact of harmful substances containing in those products.


If your skin is oily and on top of that you are using beauty creams that introduce additional oil on your skin, know that your pores will be clogged. By clogged, it means your pores will not breathe.

Once the substance that clogs your pores is infected with bacteria, your internal skin will be exposed to it. Ultimately, it leads to the formation of pimples. This is not only annoying but hinders your self-confidence. In this age, if you are letting such measly things suck the confidence out of you, then you to avoid doing things that cause everything in the first place. Not to forget, you are likely to scratch your pimples which will lead to scars on your face.


Mercury poisoning is real. Mercury poising from beauty creams is more real. Is it not scare mongering, it is a caution to avoid excess exposure to mercury to your vital organ. The symptoms of mercury contamination are not largely specified and still under scientific research.

Yet, some effects are leading to its roots. Mercury contamination can cause depression, agitation, lack of concentration, insomnia, tremors and numbness. Moreover, it can damage your kidneys and nervous system. Worse case scenario, mercury contamination can lead to the release of mercury vapor, adulterating and contagious. Your surroundings are sensitive to it.


Be smart about hydration. As you cannot be left dehydrated, the same applies to your skin. Some beauty products have substances that leave your skin dry. It is not a smart choice to go for.

These beauty products also do not favor applying moisturizers as their active substances will not work under intrusion of foreign particles (moisturizer). You require choosing particular products that do not dry up your skin.


Not 13 going on 30. 25 going on 32, absolutely! One of the most daunting drawbacks about beauty creams is that they make you look way above your real age if you use them too much. Skin begins to sag rapidly, negating the element of your youthfulness. Tightness, elasticity and thinning of your skin lead to wrinkles.

Be yourself. Be confident about how you look. Be wise, be smart, be careful and most importantly, take care of yourself.


Post Author: Fariha Azad

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