8 Dynamic Ways to Carry your White Kurta to Look Elegant

It’s impossible to browse through someone’s closest without running into a white kurta. Whether it’s your brother’s Eid kurta or a chikankari shirt your tailor stitched, a white kurta is a staple, one that’s possibly the most versatile piece of clothing you can own.

Wear to any formal event or simply when running errands, we give you 7 celeb-inspired ways you can style a white kurta.

1) Go sheer

White is a favourite when it comes to formal wear. It stands out and makes you look elegant. But instead of going for your regular silks and cottons, go sheer with chiffon like Sadaf Kanwal here.


There’s also a lot of room to play with buttons and embroidery — by adding a touch of colour to them — if you’re looking for a way to spruce up the look. (Though white on white on white looks uber chic).

2) Add a bit of flare

Mahira Khan is your best bet when it comes to sartorial choices. Her Eid outfit is a fancy white kurta paired with silk flared pants by Farah Talib Aziz.


Flared pants are in vogue and for good reason too! They make your legs look leaner, longer and add the needed touch to go with any kurta.

3) Top it with a vest

Vests and kurtas always did make a handsome marriage, add to that Ali Zafar and you’ve got the perfect blend.


Taking cue from the rockstar himself, a white kurta can be styled with any vest – whether it’s a plain, block colour or one with embroidery or fancy embellishments.

4) Pair it with statement jewelry

White leaves so much room to play with, and one such example is accessorising. Khadija Shah of Elan shows us just how to do it right in a mardana Misha Lakhani kurta and drop earrings.


Notice the chunky necklace. Proof that it doesn’t take much to jazz up a simple outfit.

5) With loud lip color 


Sometimes it’s best to leave things be. Without adding too much to her all-white outfit, Rabia Butt adds a dash of fuchsia to her lips and voila! Instant glam.

6) Try fusion

Farhan Saeed cleverly uses the age-old trick to his advantage.


Pair a kurta with denim jeans and you’re set. Whether you’re heading for a family dinner or hanging out with friends, this combo is always a hit.

7) Wrap it up with a scarf

Possibly one of the easiet hacks. Bunto Kazmi shows us how to rock a scarf effortlessly with a white kurta.


In fact, you can jazz it up by wearing any coloured scarf, because which colour doesn’t go with white?

Use of prints, even block colours work wonders.

8) Go all out with white kurta


If you can’t decide, why not add a bit of everything like Meesha Shafi. But be careful, this experimentation can go down south before you walk out the door.


Post Author: Farrukh Saeed

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