Alarming use of drugs among private school students of Islamabad

Up to 53 % learners of popular private educational institutions in Islamabad are using drugs, a surprising review provided by Senate Standing Committee on Internal and Drugs Management revealed, forcing brings to all authorities involved.

The review prepared by a non-government company (NGO) mentioned that 44 to 53 % learners of huge personal educational institutions in the government capital are dependent on various kinds of drugs. The drug addicts are either provided intoxicants by their guys or instructors, it added to the amazement of committee associates.

Dr. Maria Sultan, home general of Southern Oriental Ideal Balance Institution (SASSI) joined the conference as special visitor. “The average age of scholars in the individual educational institutions, in which nearly 44 to 53 % of students are taking either synthetic or hard medication or were dependent on heroine, is in the age brackets 12-16 and 16-19,” she said.


“Pupils use drugs during study hours, while they also include some learners that are about eight-year-old,” it said. “At some educational institutions the intoxicants are available at canteens, while lovers also get them easily from road providers.”

The surprising details left the associates of the senate committee shocked, who desired an query review into the matter within 15 days. The committee also called the IG Islamabad and primary assistants of the involved divisions.

“I announce war on drugs addiction and attraction to municipal community, political figures and press to play their due part for well being of those struggling from habit, and help save our coming years,” Senator Rehman Malik said, while chairing the conference here.

The educational institutions, universities should take tight actions to have a check on drug-related activities on the grounds and should be made accountable to are accountable to regulators, he said.

Malik assigned senators Mukhtar Ahmed Dhamrah and Chaudhry Tanvir to prepare suggestions so as to further improve efficiency of Drugs Department in assessment with government and provincial regulators.

The committee suggested that the provincial primary assistants along with the IGs and home assistants are instructed to be present at the next conference and brief the committee about the provincial programs planning in fighting the nuisance of abusing drugs in youngsters.

Senator Rehman Malik also suggested the Drugs Management Department for reducing the nuisance despite of its restricted sources.

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