Audi Establishing Car Manufacturing Plant in Pakistan

After France producer Renault, BMW, and Volkswagen’s attention in Pakistan’s regional automobile market, in German car producer, Audi AG (also known as Audi Pakistan) is now fascinated in starting an set up place within the nation. The company presented instructions of purpose to the Panel of Financial commitment (BoI) for concern.

Head of automobile at Leading Systems Private Restricted, Ali Khan, which is the accepted importer for Audi AG in Pakistan, verified the increase a unique meeting with The Show Tribune. “Audi AG has indicated the eye via its accepted importer in Pakistan to set up a set up place in Pakistan,” Khan said during the meeting.

audi in pakistan

“Audi AG first finalized a memorandum of knowing with the Sindh Panel of Financial commitment (SBI) to consider Pakistan as a potential market in May this season. We analyzed the automobile plan (approved by the govt in March) to see if it’s a practical situation. After three-and-a-half months, we, regarding Audi AG, sent the correspondence of purpose to BoI, showing that we would like to set up automobiles in Pakistan.” He included.


The area for to obtain has been bought in Korangi, according to Khan, and is near to one of Pakistan’s greatest commercial properties. This would mean that it will be a clean investment of over $30 thousand. “People are starting to see a new product. Lower attention levels have intended that automobiles are more cost-effective. The fact that 40,000 automobiles are brought in into the nation through the greyish market indicates there is adequate room for Rolls Royce. The reason why we would like to set up vehicles in Pakistan is reducing the greyish transfer of used vehicles. It indicates an assurance and an after-sales service within the nation.”

audi plant in Pakistan

The new auto plan is attractive for the worldwide producers, however, there needs to be something in it for them as well.

“There has to be something that serves particularly to these manufacturers. Worldwide, this happens. We do not contend on quantity. The place in Karachi could go up to a highest possible of 5,000 models annually. One needs to understand that Audi is a high-class product, therefore there are certain circumstances connected in the building or production of our automobiles. Seeking regional elements at this point is just not possible, as there are neither providers nor content available in the nation. However, we believe given time; 10-15 years down the line Pakistan can be a nation where any high-class producer could source regional elements for the set up / production of their automobiles. Owner market in any nation adjusts instantly to supply and requirement predictions.”

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