Ban on Bollywood Movies in Cinema Lifted and Here is the Reaction


The news of Pakistani cinema owners officially lifting the ban on Bollywood movies, has received criticism not only from people associated with the entertainment industry but also politicians and other media personnel alike.

The ban came right after an attack on an army base in Kashmir in which 19 Pakistani soldiers were killed.

This was then followed by Bollywood producers banning Pakistani artists in Indian films which resulted in a subsequent reaction by the cinema owners in Pakistan who imposed an indefinite veto on the screening of Bollywood movies in the country.

ban on bollywood movies

Fast forward two months and the Pakistani cinema owners have now, officially lifted the self-imposed ban on Bollywood movies.


However, this news was not exactly met with much enthusiasm as expected, as much of the entertainment industry is leaning towards investing in local projects rather than Bollywood content.

The removal of the Bollywood Ban has been met with a hostile reaction from the general public who took to social media and started the hashtag #DontLiftBollywoodBan which is still among the top twitter trends.


Post Author: Farrukh Saeed

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