After Cancellation of Iqbal Day Holiday, Twitter Screamed This Way

It wouldn’t be inaccurate to say that Iqbal Day holiday is a big concern for lazy Pakistanis everywhere. After the Interior Ministry was reported last year to have the official holiday on 9th November every year. The hardworking youth and employees who were planned to observe all day rest on Iqbal day now sharing sad posts on twitter.

There was celebration after a notification was circulated that the Iqbal Day holiday had been restored. People made plans and programs, everyone was happy then suddenly the interior minister blasted a bomb.

No More Iqbal Day Holiday

Governments and leaders tried to play with emotions of nation by dividing them in different parts.

All this holiday or no holiday made serious mess among people especially living in Federal Territory

Many among hardworking youth calling this cancellation a Yahoodi Sazish

Conspiracy theories are flying around about the cancellation

People are questioning political leaders instead of government officials about the cancellation of the holiday

This guy needs a holiday to recognize his “great HERO” because he’s probably otherwise too overworked to be able to do so.
People really, really wanted to celebrate Iqbal with a holiday, maybe so that they could read his groundbreaking work, in peace

People have also turned poets to commemorate the cancellation of the holiday

So this one came up with a plan to ensure that the holiday is utilized effectively

This honest guy has genuine reason to throw tweet and request for holiday

so now this is again us sitting on office table scheduling office tasks and remembering our national hero and poet of east on Iqbal day.

Post Author: Farrukh Saeed

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