Capital in danger – Who is the Third Power???

Being a part of democratic nation what do you think what Pakistani nation is doing. We are living in a state where democracy is being given for the welfare of nation. In the current political situation, when an opposition political party making loud protest against federal government. Who is get welfare environment and satisfying living???

The PTI, strongest political part among joint opposition is had already made many noticeable efforts to cope so called corrupt government in their sight.

Meanwhile the government is misusing its power against protesters. The chaos is being observed for almost 4 days in capital of Pakistan. media and even international media is using this political stunt for making high PRs for their channels.

Opposition is making efforts to get Prime Minister’s resignation, Government is making efforts to stop protests and save Prime Minister. Judiciary is making investigations over panama leaks, creating follow-up dates.


Army is not allowed to interfere in political matters. Ministers are busy in making allegations on opponents, they are busy in playing blame game individually.

Whole management including federal government, provincial government, ministers, MNAs, who were elected for the welfare of public are busy in bogus and no ending mess.

Who is working for Pakistan? who is working for Pakistani nation?

No journalist or analyst can answer this question.

Pakistan has three innocent lives in this chaos. Who is responsible for death of a new born baby? who is responsible for the death of an Army Lieutenant Colonel?

Is it nation who has elected bad people to rule over their heads?

Is it bad governance who was responsible for safe protests and care take of citizens

Or is PTI is responsible, who are protesting for human rights and welfare?

Join our poll and let us know what do you think about this dirty mess that has chocked most of the parts in Capital of Pakistan.

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