Not just ‘chaiwala’ every samosawala doodhwala be beautiful with Photo-editing

Famous ‘chaiwala’ is holding social media for last 4 days. the significance is so popular that international social media and traditional media sites are forced to highlight Chaiwala on their platforms. No doubt the 18-year-old Arshad Khan popular as ‘Hot chaiwala’ got handsome looks and complete beauty defining facial features. But there are some other aspects that has boosted him to be that famous and get extreme hype.

Let’s not be rational, I know every Pakistani pathan can easily dodge western guys. What made chaiwala famous is not his looks but the DSLR technology and off course the images transforming filters. People saying the fate has made Chaiwala so popular that he got famous by a single click.

hot chaiwala

I say it is actually the sharp mind of Jiah and high advancement of DSLR technology and photo editing tools that anticipated chaiwalla to become fashionwala. there are significant variations and modifications that has been done with image of chaiwala with DSLR tech. below are main modifications that photographer did for creating hot tea maker or seller:

Blue eyes:

People especially girls who were fascinated by blue eyes of chaiwalla got to see common green eyes after his appearance on TV channels. Blue eyes were actually an edited feature.


Kurta of chaiwala after application of polarizing image filter become more classy and gives u a branded dress look. Since scope of modelling is growing rapidly in Pakistan, photoshoots are done on original locations. You can see many photoshoots of top brands done at streets and roads of Pakistan. The sharp mind of photographer clicked the right point.


We have seen modelling shoots at railways stations, slum areas, in mud houses. The environment of typical and traditional tea selling spot boosted picture immensely.

Photo editing and enhancing filters:

Girls and boys now days fully aware of photo editing techniques. Even with a small smartphone app you can transform your looks and enhance features. Even you don’t need to photoshop your pic to look like celebrity. But just like chaiwala any samosaywala dhoodhwala haiwalla can get hero looks.

Nikon DSLR and Chaiwala:

The master piece of chaiwala came with warming color tone, sharpen features filter and lighting effects. If these tools may applied on other WALLAs they may get same popularity. No offense I know I am big fan of Nikon DSLR.

Being a photographer I am also very keen to capture beautiful landscapes and scenes into images. The girl Jiah Ali, I would say creator of chaiwala done her job so well and equally gained reward. Not only her photographic skills got famous but she gained attentions of many international photographers.

Epic Transformation of Chaiwala:

After huge popularity and huge hype, famous chaiwala Arshad Khan invited to news 92 channel as guest.


chaiwalla signed modelling contract with local online clothing brand


Chaiwalla is no more chaiwalla he is now fashionwala…


Accepting or declining up to you Jiah but I can see you will be another Pakistani, approached by international people. Congratulations!

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