(And how the good daddy is going bad)

In Bible there is a very beautiful verse which is one of my favorites actually. Jesus Christ said,

“Converte gladium tuum in locum suum. Omnes enim, qui acceperint gladium, gladio peribunt.”

“Return your sword to its place, for all who will live by the sword, will die by the sword.”

(Gospel of Matthew, chapter 26, verse 52)

Donald Trump is a wild bigot, an irrational improper, a lecherous pervert, and a demagogic bad oral cavity liar. United states citizens usually are not like that. Then what he is doing here? The response to that depends on how The united states had been dealing with the globe in last 70 odd years. Since it became a prominent superpower after the end of second globe war, the united states reinforced and at times set up the most severe dictators and kings and queens stuck ever known. Saddam Hussein, Husni Mubarak, Royalty of Saud, Common Zia, Brother Noriega, Sani Abacha, Augusto Pinochet, Islam Karimov and I can go all evening without a sip of water.

You name any area in the world and you will find madmen were either sustained by United states government or came to energy by its help in those areas. But United states presidents were not like that. They had always reigned supreme bearers of freedom of expression and democratic principles at house. They were like a father who performs hard outside in the vicious realm of agonizing adjustments, war and madness. But when father came house, he was all lovely and lovable. That has evolved now. What The united states worked around the globe, has already began arriving at house. The dad has begun becoming violent. Welcome to the globe.

donald trump

For us Trump is no different than almost all the management that we have been seeing on our tv displays since lengthy. Nowadays most of the People in America are shocked but the religion-racist camp of Trump and the complete radicalization of his dimwitted followers. But that is exactly what almost all the third globe had been seeing since the end of Cool War. For many years we saw our madmen attracting insane enemies in our roads, controlling freedom of expression, oppressing average comments, torturing and eliminating dissenters and then consequently being accepted in the United states passages of Power with start hands. Being hugged by the very United states presidents who regularly session the globe on United states principles and democratic life.

Finally, my concept to my other humans in The united states is that Trump is not the end. He is the start. And let me give you even more not so good information. This will become more intense. Until the time you will not start exercising overseas what you teach at house. As Christ so ominously said that you will die by the same type of blade, which you may reside and eat. You have used swords like Trump for far an extended time to run your worldwide diplomacy in our riches and city pieces. Now there is a genuine risk, that you might die by such a blade at house.

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