Fall/ winter 2016-2017 Revealed by International Stylists and Designers


Seems like winters aren’t coming in Pakistan this year. Things that are made to be done in winters are still in pending mode. Still we all need to keep ourselves stylish and groomed. The end of December got us to know the latest trends and colors we should adopt. Hacked from Milan Fashion Week 2016 the famous international stylists and presented following colors as fall/ winter 2016-2017 upcoming fashion:

  • Riverside
  • Airy Blue
  • Sharkskin
  • Aurora Red
  • Warm Taupe
  • Dusty Cedar
  • Lush Meadow
  • Spicy Mustard
  • Potter’s Clay
  • Bodacious
  1. Riverside

The roster of the fall/ winter 2016 color trends is led by Riverside, a cool and calming blue that is literally stuck between serious navy blue and vibrant cobalt blue. It has some sense of confidence and tenacity to it, yet raising utmost excitement, sophistication and a dose of mystery within us.

 fall/ winter 2016-2017

To be more exact in the description, just take any navy or cobalt blue, blow some cigarette smoke on it and you will get what the Pantone Color Institute has contrived to call Riverside and got the best among colors to wear in 2017.

  1. Airy Blue

The Blue dynasty was indubitably rocking throughout all the four 2016 fashion weeks playing with all its possible shades and exploring all the avenues ranging from icy blue to cobalt and navy blues.

 fall/ winter 2016-2017

But it is Riverside together with Airy Blue destined to govern over other blue members.

  1. Sharkskin

Grey palette has always been in attendance at fall/winter runway shows year in year out, but it came as an aha moment for us this time that it is Sharkskin to work triumphantly all over the map whether with bright or muted shades, whether in everyday life or on special occasions.

 fall/ winter 2016-2017

Through fashion houses using this stable shade in abundance we are now bumping into another grand fall/ winter 2016-2017 color trend to embrace our wardrobes soon enough.

  1. Aurora Red

The fall/ winter 2016-2017 color trends also offer up oceans of red shades ranging from burgundy and carmine to crimson and scarlet. But chalk it up to Aurora Red to let no grass grow under feet coming as the fourth trendy color of the upcoming fall/winter seasons.

fall/ winter 2016-2017

This is bold Red with some sensual and warm undertones, not so bold as burgundy and not so vibrant as crimson, but wrapped with some mysterious dust. According to Pantone’s Institute, this gets the metaphorical blood of the palette pumping.

  1. Warm Taupe

fall/ winter 2016-2017

The next stability and reassurance-emanating color that has embraced the fall/winter 2016-2017 runway shows many a time and oft is neutral Warm Taupe, characterized by Pantone as trusted, organic and grounded and approachable enough to be matched with each of the 9 colors on the list.

  1. Dusty Cedar

fall/ winter 2016-2017

We might get carried away by this warm and welcoming shade of muted pink that the Pantone Color Institute has called Dusty Cedar and which comes as one of the best fall/ winter 2016-2017 color trends to warm the cockles of our hearts.

  1. Lush Meadow

The appellation of the next fall 2016 color trend speaks for itself being suggestive of some rich foliage and bringing about utmost elegance, sophistication and swagger.

fall winter 2016-2017

Whether it is used on garment pieces or just on some accessories, come-hither looks are assured.

  1. Spicy Mustard

Spicy Mustard comes as one of the most vibrant fall/ winter 2016 color trends that will add some exotic and zesty touches to any outfit, speaking about its carrier’s living in clover.

fall winter 2016-2017

As it would be expected, it’s not spring-worthy sunny yellow, bereft of any shimmering rays, but instead squirted with some spices to become a little bit muted and out-and-out fall-worthy.

  1. Potter’s Clay

fall winter 2016-2017

For those having a soft spot for earthy shades, Potter’s Clay comes as the best one among them all through its strong foundation and lovely hybrid of brown and Russet orange, evocative of fall rustling foliage.

  1. Bodacious

Among all the pink-purple shades it is Bodacious that has mostly enchanted fashion designers thus shaping up one of the fall/ winter 2016 fashion color trends.

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