The Most Magnificent Effort Called ‘Fix It’ by Alamgir Khan

When someone says ‘Fix it’ only one name come to mind Alamgir Khan.

After local administration failed to provide the basic amenities to people, it was 04 Jan 2016 that a common Man from Karachi become so depress that he stood up against all the mismanagement and Corruption.

He started the cause with a spray paint, by asking the Sindh Govt. to fix the manholes in the city and after few days when the government response was very week, he starts fixing it.

After few days the “Fix it” Campaign has taken youngster of Karachi by storm and everyone started participating in the Cause.

fix it

Message by Alamgir Khan:

The message is clear that “we are tired of being ruled by irresponsible administration, and we want our basic rights, if our government is not going to provide that than we will do it”.

On another occasion he told to news channel that, “we did not have any political ambitions and we wanted to seek attention of the authorities towards unbearable filthy conditions in the city”.

fix it

Video Messages by Fix It Inventor:

There are a lot of videos on social media and on YouTube channels, some of them are here:

He is a common man who has started this campaign and made people aware how to get their rights and also shaking up the government and authorities who are responsible for making people’s living more and more comfortable.

The chief minister reaction over Fix It:

After the cause started the CM Sindh was wondering “Is sealing gutters also my job?”

Alamgir khan earlier complained that the authorities instead of paying heed to the problem being highlighted were harassing him, his family and his fellow volunteers to “keep them silent”.

After a lot of struggle by “fix it” team and other civil society member, the chief minister took notice, lambasting his administration at the state of roads in several Karachi areas.

People who joined “Fix It”:

There are a lot of Big names, who join “Fix it” team. Some of them are here,

Junaid jamshid:

The Late Junaid jamshid also become the part of this cause, he did a lot for this cause. On one occasion Junaid Jamshed was stopped by police officials at Jamshed road when he was moving towards CM House with 15 truckloads of garbage as a sign of protest against the growing filth in the city.

fix it

Imran Khan:

On several occasion the Fix it team meet Imran Khan. He appreciated the efforts the “Fix It” team do.

fix it
Alamgir Khan Mehsud, Usama Khan Yusfzai Wth Chairman Imran Khan at Karachi.

Hamza Ali Abbasi:

The man also remains active on social media and never hesitates to express his opinion on any social issue.

Hamza wrote on Facebook, “When leaders rise from our youth, we must support them. It was a pleasure to stand with these motivated and passionate youngsters. Alamgir and his #Fixit team are working to fix Karachi and also demand and force the govt institutions to act. Please be updated on this movement and be a part of it.”

fix it

We ‘Fix it’ thank our each and every member who made all these things possible and especially our donors who supported us on every stage. And it is just the beginning, we will left no stone unturned to make our country more beautiful …

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