General Motors selling 5,000 Dollars electric car in China

General Motors will start selling a tiny electric car in China this week that will cost about 5,000 Dollars after national and local electric vehicle incentives, according to GM.

General Motors says the E-100 has a 39-horsepower electric motor and can drive about 96 miles on a fully charged battery. It also includes built-in Wi-Fi and parking sensors.More than 5,000 people have signed up to buy the first 200 vehicles off the assembly line.The car is already a hit.

Electric cars are steadily becoming more prominent in the UK and across the world and that is only set to increase as new laws are introduced against petrol and diesel vehicles. One of the most common reserves with electric cars is the typically higher cost when compared to petrol and diesel vehicles, and perceived worse performance.


Tesla recently revealed its first “affordable” electric car, the Model 3. But that still costs $35,000, which is still out of the budget range for many drivers.


The interior is properly cool. We got worried for a moment when we saw a less pretty interior in a test car, but that was likely a pre-production vehicle. The steering wheel and seats are partly green. The wheel has a flat bottom for that racy EV feeling. The ‘instrument panel’ is a screen smaller than my iPhone’s. The air vents are fully integrated in the dash.

One E100 was on display in what seems to be a canteen or company restaurant. It is painted in white orange, is has orange accents on the bumpers and wheels and mirrors, and it has fuzzy stickers on the doors and bonnet.

China is the largest automotive market in the world, and its government is making a big push for electric cars. Already, China accounts for 40% of all electric cars sold worldwide, according to the International Energy Agency.

Very nice. General Motors should put a Chevrolet badge on it and sell it in the United States and a cheaper alternative for the Bolt. Californians and New Yorkers will love the hip out of it.



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