Get Fuller Lips in 3 Steps – Easy DIY Lip Plumper

Fuller lips were the most popular fashion trend in last year. Almost every girl has tried to have bigger lips to enhance and pout their beauty. The trend is still in air and girls are highly adopting. The stylists are still giving hype to big lip trend and this let girls get lip plumpers or go for fuller lips surgery.

diy lip plumper

Trend puts its hard impressions and it never let followers to leave it. Similar scenario goes with big lips trend. Currently there are hundreds of unhygienic and harmful for health lip plumpers available in market. According to dermatologists and makeup experts, the ingredients of plumpers are not only harmful for health but they also ruin beauty of lips.

There are many ways which can replace these harmful plumpers and get you fuller lips. Below in the video a complete technique has been shown through which you can easily enhance your lips. Try this simple technique of making lips more full, bigger and enhanced.

If you still want to have applicator plumper than try this DIY Lip Plumpers:

First of all, take any moisturizer, this can be petroleum jelly or any other product that suits you. Mix a spoon of grinded sugar and cinnamon powder. Mix few drops of rose water and mix all ingredients thoroughly. If you have extra sensitive lips skin than add vitamin E oil in you lip plumers mix. Stir all the ingredients well and leave it for some time.

You don’t need put this mixture in to refrigerator. This is a natural and homemade mixture that can be used for 15 days. Make mixture in small amount and regenerate this again in 15 days.

Application of DIY Lip Plumper:

This lip plumper can be used any time. All you have to do is to apply this with the help of a clean toothbrush. Put some mixture on brush and rub it for two minutes. After two minutes you will see amazingly fuller lips ready to be decorated with desired lip color.

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