How it Looks if Hollywood Monsters Attack Pakistan


Cartoons are not a kids thing anymore in Pakistan. There are many adults who keenly and regularly watch cartoons and remain in cartoon theme based fantasies. The Powerpuff girls are my personal favorite cartoons. I have been watching them since long. There is always a monster who attack their town and powerpuff girls rescue people, using their special powers.

I found this fantasy coming alive in Pakistan when I saw some morphed picture on famous social site Facebook. A creative artist has morphed pictures as monsters are attacking Pakistan. the combination of monsters and Pakistani buildings are so unusual that it looks very different.


Beside being bearers of real terrorism I found this imaginary fictional terrorism of monsters so funny and enjoyable.

The artist has combined something that no one can imagine, so I decided to show you this unique idea. Below are images of monsters attacking Pakistan:


This is the first one in which Ness Monster is although taking bath in Lake Saif ul Malook but no wonder after bath he want deadly human flesh in breakfast.


In movie King Kong fully shown his aggressiveness, to get his love. It was very unusual when we saw a giant monster gorilla fall in love with a human girl. But here in Pakistan he seems like an Indian agent who trying to demolish Minar e Pakistan. Same like Pakistan sent pigeon in Indian for terrorism they sent this gorilla as revenge.


After getting defeated by human heroes in Jurassic Park, Monster Tyrannosaurus Rex is no more interested in living at Jurassic Park. In search of similar habitat, Rex came to Pakistan and selected this place for his residence. monsters-attacking-pakistan-5

The good Godzi become deadly Godzilla again and after smashing Japan he is now destroying Karachi. what a mess. I think he is from PLMN and dispersing PTI supporters and their rally.


Good Morning Kraken. I wish you a really happy and healthy day ahead .

Image Courtesy: Blah Facebook

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