Huawei Mate 9 – Complete Specs and Review

In creating the HUAWEI Mate 9, we started with a simple question – how can we improve every element of the smart phone experience?” said Rich Yu, CEO, Huawei Customer Company Group. “We know that for today’s business customers, a quick and efficient smart phone is just the beginning. They also want an amazing style and user-friendly functions. So we have created two new gadgets at the leading edge of application and components advancement. The consequence is a system that is stunningly new, inside and out.”

 ‘A Phase Ahead: Latest Mate Smartphone Provides a Cutting-edge Android operating system Encounter and Features Powerful New Efficiency, Battery Power and UX Developments.’

Huawei mate 9 features

The HUAWEI Mate 9 is an effective interaction of industry-leading components and innovative application that perform together to keep customers a stride forward. Key functions include:

Kirin 960 chipset, the world’s highest executing smart phone processor*;

EMUI 5.0, an user-friendly user interface that allows over 50 % of functions to be performed within two clicks;

Breakthrough SuperCharge technological advancement which provides a full day’s charge in 20 minutes;

Second creation Leica dual-lens digicam with 2X Multiple Zoom capability, presenting a 12MP/F2.2 -megapixel RGB indicator and a20MP/F2.2-megapixel black and white indicator.


With over 100 million models sold, Huawei’s Kirin chipsets have presented its deep understanding of the kind of energy and experience customers are looking for; they expect their cellular phones to be quick, user-friendly and reliable. The HUAWEI Mate 9 Sequence debuts the top quality Kirin 960 chipset with Huawei’s Machine Learning Criteria, which provides a quick and sleek experience even after 18 months of ongoing utilization.



The HUAWEI Mate 9 brings together a 4000 mAh high-density battery with its all new SuperCharge technological advancement, guaranteeing battery peace-of-mind. With its innovative power-saving technological advancement, the HUAWEI Mate 9 improves battery to provide over couple of times of ongoing performance. This contains a 40 % surge in CDMA call efforts and a 20 % surge in game playing time.


huawei mate 9 cam

Following the amazing achievements of the Huawei P9, the HUAWEI Mate 9 functions the second creation dual-lens digicam co-engineered with Leica. Huawei and Leica have ongoing to fine-tune and improve the visual performance of you component, which now contains a 12MP -megapixel/F2.2 RGB indicator, a 20MP -megapixel/ F2.2monochrome indicator and improved picture combination methods that perform in show to produce amazing photography.


The HUAWEI Mate 9 develops upon the Mate Series’ highly-regarded style DNA and uses the best possible materials to provide a phone that’s both decorative and comfortable to use. Based on a comprehensive process of research and development, the HUAWEI Mate 9 is constructed over a period of 15 times, with 50 exclusive procedures and one hour of CNC mincing, causing in a high-precision unibody steel structure. Everything – from the soft sandblasted structure to the attractive color scheme, such as Space Greyish, Moonlight Gold, Sparkling wine Gold, Mocha Brownish and Clay White, is a outcome of more than 25 years’ expertise in providing improved workmanship.

huawei mate 9 colors


Together Huawei and Mercedes Design have obtained a new best where luxury meets technological advancement with the limited-edition Mercedes Design HUAWEI Mate 9. Developed for a new, growing viewers, the Mercedes Design HUAWEI Mate 9 marries market-leading technological advancement with Mercedes Design’s exclusive trademark visual. With the Mercedes Design HUAWEI Mate 9, Huawei presents an amazing 5.5” rounded AMOLED display that offers a better, slimmer feel. It will be available specifically in Graphite Black.


EMUI 5.0 presents a brand new effort user interface style. More than 50 % of functions can now be performed within two clicks of the mouse while over 90 % are available within three clicks of the mouse.


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