The Hype of “Pokémon Go”

If we say that “Pokemon Go” is the biggest blockbuster in Gaming world, it will not be wrong, – where Nintendo and Niantic Labs have teamed up to let you catch Pokémon in the very world we live in.  It changed the entire gaming world from Mobile and other devices to Augmented reality.

pokemon go

Catching Pokémon, battling at Gyms, using items, evolving your creatures — with a crazy twist: You’re doing it all in the real world. That means instead of tapping or using a D-pad to tell your virtual avatar where to go to find Pokémon, you’re actually walking, In the real world. Because of the unique idea, the craze was so high that people start traveling miles to catch a Pokémon.


Release date(s):

It was released in different country on different dates on iOS, Android, Apple Watch:

July 6, 2016:  AUS

July 6, 2016:  NA

July 6, 2016:  EU

July 13, 2016: JP


“Pokemon Go” hype:

The crazy was so high that apart from playing, everyone start designing , developing and writing about Pokémon Go, like

What the hack is Pokémon Go.

Pokémon Go 101.

Pokémon Go Guide.

Pokémon go tips

How to play Poke.

How to catch other Pokémon.

How to join a Gym Team.

And a lot more….


“Pokemon Go” Decline:

Given the rapid rise in usage of the Pokémon Go app since the launch in July, Pokémon Go was starting to lose the battle for mobile mindshare. There is multiple of reason for this.


In July and August, the hype was so high that in every parking, on every road, everywhere , everyone start playing Pokémon Go, which leads to different accident on different occasion.

After a lot of accident the government decide to ban the Game and that was the main reason behind the decline of Pokémon Go.

pokemon go

Niantic Announces Pokémon GO Christmas Event starting from 25th through Jan 3rd, but that will not make much difference.

Pokémon Go in Pakistan:


After long, the Wait is over for the Pakistani Gamer and Nintendo somehow manage to get permission to realise it in Pakistan on 23 Nov 2016.

In Pakistan the response is very poor, even the gamer don’t know about this, and yet the Government banned it in offices.

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