Is Imran Khan arrested?Know more about future of PTI leader Imran Khan

Police and Federal Constabulary (FC) has put road blocks outside the residence of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf chairman Imran Khan in Islamabad, tv media reported.

As many as six buses of the police and FC arrived at the party leader’s residence in the wee hours of Friday, according to the police sources.

It is expected that he will either be placed under house-arrest or will be taken into custody, media reported.

The forces were deployed to restrict Imran Khan from leading a rally in Rawalpindi tomorrow due to the imposition of section 144.

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PTI Vice-Chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi confirmed on Twitter said that he as with the PTI chairman at Bani Gala, and the house had been surrounded by FC.

“We’re not with any weapons, we have the same plans for tomorrow, and we didn’t receive any notice. No one is being allowed to come in or go out of the house. We’re getting reports from all around Pakistan, all the PTI workers are going to protest across Pakistan,” he said.

He said the world would see the face of dictatorship hidden behind the fake democracy the next day. The PTI leader said they would not resist in case of arrest if the law enforcers had warrants for them.

“I don’t have any information regarding the withdrawal of the FC men. A huge number of workers has now gathered outside as well.

Earlier today, Police cracked down on PTI and arrested at least 120 members of the Insaaf Students Federation (ISF).

PTI chairman Imran Khan had announced the plan to lay siege to Islamabad as part of the party’s accountability movement against the prime minister and members of his family in the wake of the Panama Papers leaks.

Despite the court’s orders, the PTI chief was accompanied to court On Wednesday under tight security by a heavy police contingent.

The PTI has planned a ‘lockdown’ of Islamabad on November 2 if Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif doesn’t agree to an investigation into the Panama Papers leaks, under the terms of reference proposed by the opposition or resigns from his position.

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