Beautiful! Indian Acapella Band Voxchord sing Pakistan National Anthem as a gift for their Independence Day

Indians sings Pakistan’s National Anthem

Singers from India celebrated Pakistan’s 70th Anniversary by wishing their neighbours in a special way.

A team of seven singers sang Pakistani national anthem in a capella style.

They wished Pakistan by singing the national anthem in acapella, music without instrumental accompaniment. The video is in simple black and white colours. It begins with singers holding placards with a message for Pakistan, “We’d like to dedicate a song for our neighbor. A song about faith, pride and grandeur, of power, progress and perfection.”

The video has received mixed reaction on social media, but Voice of Ram page is known for its attempt to build peace amongst the two neighbors. Voice of Ram page belongs to an Indian director Ram Subramanyam.


The team of singers includes, Vaishnavi Kannan, Vandana Mazan, Vagu Mazan, Bala Subramanyam, Brainard David and Alex Samuel Jenito. The song’s music was arranged by Alex Samuel Jenito and concept for a capella is by Bharadwaj.

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