Joanna Palani – A Woman who had Most feared ISIS


Meet Joanna Palani. A Danish citizen with Kurdish roots. She was a student of politics and philosophy in Denmark when she left everything and joined the Kurdish forces to fight against the notorious self-styled Islamic State in Iraq and Syria called ISIS.

For one year she took part in fierce battles on Iraqi and Syrian fronts against ISIS. As part of “Peshmarga” (Kurdish elite fighters), she leads her soldiers from the front just like her grandfather, who fought against the tyranny of the Bathist governments of Iraq and Syria.


Yesterday, according to Al Arabiya news channel, ISIS announced a reward of One Million Dollars on her head. Joanna Palani is currently under a travel ban by the Danish authorities for taking part in fighting for a foreign militia and her passport confiscated.

Palani earned respect and fame when she attacked an ISIS town in Iraq and rescued many women and children used as sex slaves by the ruthless militia.

ISIS has declared that they will seek revenge for the death of their many fighters killed by Palani. And she is just 23.

Joanna Palani


Joanna Palani

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