The Journalist That Recorded PHTEECHAR Clip Receiving Life Threats

Last Monday March 6, 2017, I along with other members of the Press Association of Supreme Court (PAS) visited Bani Gala on the invitation of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) Chief Imran Khan. Imran associated with his press experts, discussed on several issues such as Panamagate, the Selection Percentage of Pakistan, and the planning for the next common elections and his position on the Pakistan Super League (PSL) final.

This press meeting was organized at the PTI Chair Secretariat and was mentioned, documented and revealed by associates of all major digital and media websites. Neither the PTI chief nor his press experts limited anyone from documenting video clips on their cell mobile phones or taking notices on their journal or released any instruction about any area of the press discuss being off the record.


I registered my recordings and tickers and sent the documented video clips to my information route (Neo TV). Later, I submitted an element of that clip about Imran’s feedback on foreign players in PSL to my Twitter account. I thought it was very appropriate because the PSL last has been a topic of huge community interest and filled most of TV signals and magazines.

Later appropriate, the PAS chief executive released an information launch to complete the task against me. Besides the fact that PAS is a company body of Superior Judge reporters and not their regulator, I am interested to find out what reasons the experience against me will be taken, particularly when there was no breach of comfort, no breach of newspaper values, and no adjustment of information from my end.


I determine by asking these questions: Is self-censorship suitable over confirming real facts? If a community determine encourages reporters for a press discuss, are those reporters limited to review only the good parts of the talk? Is it not unethical to review only the tasty and turn a sightless eye towards inadequacies only because the best might not like it? If some terms verbal by some innovator are unwanted, is the reporter who revealed them to people accountable for it, worth misuse and of disciplinary action? Is it not against basic values, let alone newspaper values, to capture the messenger?

Post Author: Farrukh Saeed

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