Panama Case the most talked about thing in Pakistan’s politics and general public for the last One and a half years. The case which made most of the prime ministers all over the world to resign. But couldn’t able to made Nawaz Sharif resign or leave his seat at all. Though as per the Panama Papers, the former prime minister (Nawaz Sharif) and his children were clearly exposed for corruption but they kept on defending themselves.

Ever since the Panama papers were out it was the talk of the whole country. Most of people demanded resignation from Nawaz Sharif but it didn’t bother PMLN an inch. Almost all the talk shows were discussing this issue and tried to exposed more facts regarding Nawaz & Co.’s corruption. After this case’s first anniversary and PTI’s constant protest, PMLN decided to take the case to the honourable Supreme Court and agreed for the trial as they might have been thinking it wouldn’t be a difficult job for them to use their powers and somehow the judges will be on PMLN’s side. So according to them the ball was in their court. The supreme Court bench was consisted of five most senior judges. As the Supreme Court after few days of trial gave a verdict of two senior judges that according to them Mr. Nawaz Sharif is not ‘ Sadie & Ameen’ and the other three judges wanted to have some further investigation to tell their final verdict on the case. Further the court ordered to form a JIT immediately which will be investigating about those 13 questions which the supreme court wanted to know. That day the decision was 3-2. After this court’s hearing PMLN’s ministers and co-workers started to distribute sweets without even going through the court’s detailed decision which clearly showed how overconfident they were.

Then comes the JIT whose head was Mr. Wajid Zia ( now the nation’s hero). JIT had be given the dealing of 60 days to complete the investigation and submit the reports prior to Supreme court’s deadline, which they did. During the investigations The Sharif family used to show their power show and aggression to JIT as if they are being investigated for something that they weren’t a part of. There came the historic moment when JIT submitted the evidence and the report to the Supreme Court and it all together opened so many things which were totally against to the Sharif Family and for the first time in Pakistan’s history such a clear and non-controversial report has been made. Regardless of all the pressure and threats, Wajid Zia and his respectable JIT’s members succeeded to compile a report against the biggest corruption case in the history of Pakistan.

After further hearings the honourable Supreme Court on the 28th of July, 2017 gave the final verdict of the case from 5-0 that Mr. Nawaz Sharif along with his children and some of his party members found guilty. He has been disqualified FOR LIFE. And with that the corruption case has came to an end, finally. This couldn’t be possible without the hardworking of Mr. Wajid Zia along with his other members who showed such bravery and loyalty during the investigation. Most importantly I would like to appreciate the Supreme Court for being so clear and non-controversial. They have surely regained the nation’s faith and this is just a beginning to the Naya Pakistan.

I guess now, after the final verdict of this case Sharif Family finally got to know the answer of this question below:
‘ Koi humein yeh tou bataye kay akhir humara kasoor kya hai?’

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