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(The way I saw him)

Junaid Jamshed passed away alongside his wife and many other good people in an unfortunate plane crash. He started his celebrity career as a singer and he was exceptional at that. Many people who know him from his early days describe him almost exactly how a young, handsome and a very famous singer can be described. Carefree, proud and a heartthrob of many fair maidens.


That was not a very long singing career though. He found a religious cause convincing enough and changed his path from musical pursuits to religious proselytizing (tableegh). He also started a very successful designer chain by the name of “J.”. His other important business interests included state of the art hajj and umrah travel services among many others.


I disagreed with him on a million issues just like I disagree with many others. He made many awful blunders during his religious lectures. Sometimes those were of such grave nature that he had to leave Pakistan for his safety and even once attacked by extremists on airport. He often attracted criticism and was branded as a hypocrite for appearing in pictures and selfies with celebrities of showbiz which were considered intimate, considering his lectures which advocated a strict segregation between men and women who are not mehram.


He enjoyed a very unique controversial position in a way that neither he was liberal enough for the liberals nor he was conservative enough for the conservatives and not even clerical enough for the clerical establishment. In simple words he was a “perfect outcast”.

But having acknowledged all that, to me he was a good man. He fulfilled his religious obligations to the best of his abilities. He always called people to the righteous path of God in whatever way he thought was right. He was not a very impressive orator but he tried in whatever best way he could to reach out to people. Whenever he made a mistake he apologized from the bottom of his heart and sometimes with tears in his eyes.

Never even once I came across any of his statements which is inciting hatred against any person or any sect or any religion. Whenever he interacted with people of showbiz, he regularly conveyed his religious message to them. And many individuals from showbiz did find righteousness due to his efforts. He himself stated many times that he considered it his moral responsibility to convey the word of God to those he once belonged.

In the end he was a man of many flaws but at the same time of far numerous virtues than many of us can ever hope to attain in our lifetimes. May Allah bless him, his wife and all the victims of plane crash. Inna lillahe wa Inna ilaihi rajioon. Ameen

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