Junaid Jamshed in Plane Watch his Pictures Before Plane Crash

Allah has taken a gem known as Junaid Jamshed from us. He was not only gifted by beautiful voice but he was a man with most kind heart. His memories always remain with us. Junaid who gained popularity with his gorgeous vocal quality for singing when transformed into a preacher, proved us his loyalty and love for Allah and Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W.

His patriotic song Dil Dil Pakistan regarded as equal as Pakistan’s national anthem. Even after 35 years of realese Dil Dil Pakistan haven’t lost its significance.

The Multitalented Junaid Jamshed created huge name and fan following in business. His brands JJ and J. are very famous among men and women. Perfumes and cosmetics by JJ are equally popular as clothing brands.

Yesterday was a bad day when we lost a true believer, humble preacher and a successful businessman in plane crash.

There are no words to define such an accidental death. No one have ever think of accident not even Junaid Jamshed while posing for these pictures:

junaid jamshed pictures








junaid-jamshed-6 junaid-jamshed-5 junaid-jamshed junaid-jamshed-4

His Last Tweet on Twitter is about this trip where he went for preaching Allah’s message to educated people about true meaning and significance of life. He went to tell what life is all about what is Islam and lost his life at return with other 43 passengers.


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