Laila Mai Laila ft. Sunny Leone n SRK Item Song of Raees



The much-awaited Laila Mai Laila music ft. Sunny Leone is out and it’s guaranteed to set your screens burning. The sparkling, Canadian-Indian celebrity grooving to the surpasses of the Raees’s intense product music is basically splitting the internet!

The dancing style in this item song is creating everyone go insane on public media! Sunny and Shah Rukh Khan are oozing pizazz as they are seen the very first time together on-screen and their hot dancing compatibility make up is being loved by all!



With tensions on the rise all over the world, it is no surprise the entertainment industry is getting the bitter deal of the end, whether they are Hollywood or Bollywood. Bollywood movies getting banned in Pakistan is nothing new, but within the past few years, this has become quite frequent. The latest updates is that the item song in the upcoming Bollywood movie Raees, featuring our very own Humsafar starlet Mahira Khan and SRK will be censored in Pakistan- the item song features Sunny Leone and Shahrukh Khan.

One of the highly anticipated movies of 2017 is the Shahrukh Khan and Mahira Khan action thriller, Raees. Where Shahrukh Khan plays the role of a bootlegger and Mahira Khan as his wife.

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