LG G6 Banging Samsung Galaxy S8 with Same Features in Low Price

The LG G6 specifications are going to make it a great highly effective smartphone when it releases on Feb 26, but don’t anticipate it to set new efficiency trend in market.

This forth-coming Android operating system Nougat smart phone will be operated by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 chipset, market resources have verified.

That indicates it’s operating the same processor chip that released with the Search Engines Pixel and Search engines Pixel XL last Oct. It still has a rapid, VR-capable processor chip.


It’s just that this isn’t technology Snapdragon processor chip any longer. That headline connected to the more recent Snapdragon 835 chipset declared in recent month.

The Snapdragon 835 processor chip is positioned to deal with excellent exclusive truth design, eat less power and cost more quickly.

Will New Samsung getup with the better specs than LG G6?

There are a number of valid-sounding reasons why the LG G6 specifications will miss out on such as a quicker and much stronger cellular chipset.

Samsung may very well have scooped up all of the Qualcomm 835 purchases for its New Samsung Galaxy S8 cellphone that’s releasing at a later time frame, reviews Forbes.

This would not be a complete surprise, as New Samsung has joined with Qualcomm to producer the 10nm Snapdragon chipset. It may indeed get first dibs.


The HTC U Super, which releases in European countries in Feb and makes its way to the US mid-March, comes with a Snapdragon 821, likely due to the same conditions.

It could also be about moment, as the LG G6 is likely to deliver prior to New Samsung Galaxy S8’s said Apr expose time frame. LG may be not wanting to delay.

Timing is everything

The great news is that the LG G6 is going with a rapid and efficient chipset, one that’s able to handling Google Daydream View VR experiences right now.

That indicates LG G6 can without danger bet on the 821 chip’s efficiency and launch without patiently waiting around until the New Samsung Galaxy S8 launch time frame.


It’s the reverse what occurred with the struggling Snapdragon 810. LG quickly released with that processor chip inside the LG G Bend 2 and ran into heating up problems.

Clock rate doesn’t mean as much to daily customers as appropriate performance and excellent moment. LG can determine its cellphone before New Samsung absorbs up all the fresh air.

Heck, the LG G6 – combined a large, 5.7-inch show and dual-lens digicam – could be what sways a few used Galaxy Observe 7 customers to its camping.

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