Lip Switch Lip Gloss Fashion 2017 Give you Chills – Video tutorial

This new makeup trend is absolutely stunning. The whole holographic thing is so hypnotic to watch. It’s the newest craze that has all the beauty enthusiasts around the world raving about it and we can’t wait to get out hands on some holographic makeup items, ourselves.

Lip Switch

But, the question is, will you try it this winter? Could be a good look to do with a simple mehndi outfit and some crazy hypnotizing holographic lips to match. Or you could just flaunt some on a coffee date with the girls with your eyes fluttering all kinds of shades.

Lip Switch

Chase the rainbow with these stunning holographic makeup items:

This mesmerizing lip switch gloss

Lip Switch

It’s like a bottled up rainbow

Lip Switch

When you can’t decide on just one color, you put this on and you won’t have to choose

When you just want to be a mermaid

Lip Switch

It’s like it wants you to believe in unicorns

Lip Switch

So DAMN beautiful

Lip Switch

Blue? Purple? Pink?


Such Abstract. Much Artistic.

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