A Lost Pakistani Legend – Sipahi maqbool Hussain

Sipahi Maqbool Hussain stayed a ‘Missing in Action’ access in details even years after he was taken in 1965 war Indian army. As a POW, he was tormented extremely and consequently missing his psychological capabilities to maximum level. In return of criminals in 2005, he came back to Pakistan where his close relatives was no more there as he had remaining 4 years ago.sipahi-maqbool-hussain-pak-army

He was not even recognized originally as a POW and was sent later to Pakistan Army staff after some authorities alleged that this confused person must be a knight. Pakistan Army after getting him provided him proper care and attention and recorded his jail time. It became known much later that he never provided out any key whether important or unimportant amongst all the brutalities.

He stayed accurate in most severe of the periods and appeared a Ghazi war veteran. ISPR along with a personal manufacturing home made a particular Dilemma sequential on life of Sipahi Maqbool Hussain which obtained a lot of admiration and revealed incredible tale of this unsung idol of Pakistan.

Siphai Maqbool Hussain co-produced by ISPR and Interflow Emails Restricted is a Pakistani miniseries, broadcasted during the 30 days of Apr 2008, at the same time on TV One and PTV, that narrates the actual tale of a Pakistani knight, Sipahi Maqbool Hussain, who was harmed and taken captive by the Native indian Military in the 1965 war and invested 40 years in Native indian prisons.

He was launched as a personal captive in 2005. During his jail time, Hussain was said to be exposed to dreadful individual privileges violations. The drama will pay honor to Sepoy Maqbool Hussain as a symbol of strength and steadfastness.


As the tale originates, Maqbool Hussain, keeping army No 335139, is proven being hit by opponent flame on the Range of Management at the start of the 1965 war. Consequently, he is taken captive by the Indian army, who refuse him Prisoner of War position.

Qualified in the customs of the Pakistan Army, Maqbool Hussain encounters all the struggling and will not discuss any details about his nation with his captors — so much so that when they cut out his mouth, he creates Pakistan Zindabad (long stay Pakistan) in his own blood vessels. Maqbool Hussain also becomes psychologically ill during his 40 years of prison time.

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