How to make DIY Cardboard Virtual Reality Glasses

Virtual Reality Glasses has truly boosted the concept of 3D vision. They have extremely been used globally and have induced high demands in Pakistan. The technology sights towards virtual reality are so advance that, you can now paint crafts and drawings through virtual reality. These virtual reality devices are often consisted upon glasses, famously known as VR Glasses.

The top mobile manufacturers are not getting into new level of competition that is, introducing best VR glasses. Starting from Oculus Rift owned by Facebook to Google’s cardboard VR glasses there is a variety of VR headsets.


Many big mobile manufacturing companies are inventing virtual reality headsets but almost all of them are working same alike. That is why people living in Pakistan with a less ration of smartphone owners should make their own vr glasses through cardboard.

While searching bout cheap virtual reality glasses I saw Google’s cardboard VR glasses on top of the list. unfortunately, due to residing in Pakistan I was unable to get one. But this helped me to become a technical and help my country fellows by introducing DIY cardboard VR glasses.

After getting the idea of making cardboard glasses at my own I raised to get some tools it needed.

To make a DIY virtual reality Glasses you may need:

1 . Google Cardboard PDF File, A4 printed it, You can download from]

2 . A Cardboard, maybe two

3 . Art Knife

4 . Art Scissors

5 . Double-sided adhesive

6 . Masking tape

7 . Lenses BICONVEX 45 mm focal length and 25 mm focal length

Anyway, build this headset cased about 1 hours. I found it really fun, I love the cardboard idea! I hope more guys could enjoy the Virtual Reality Game, movie and street view etc.

Step 1:

Stick A4 Paper On Cardboard

Stick your printed VR glasses design on cardboard evenly and smoothly. Use double sided adhesive to perform the activity.



Step 2:

Cut the cardboard to make virtual reality glasses

Cut the cardboard according to the pasted graphics. Use art knife to make according to shape pieces and shape up these pieces with the help of art scissors.



Step 3:

Stick all parts together

Stick all parts together to get DIY VR glasses in to proper shape and make holes for lenses


Step 4:

Adjust lenses according to the suggested holes in cardboard.

Watch Full Tutorial here:


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