Now this brand is really worth raving about. A well thought out and researched project, it focuses on providing the makeup needs of Asian skin tones and complexions and takes special care to focus on the formula of their products as well as the quality of colors and pigmentation.

massarat-misbah-makeup brand


This beauty brand makes the list purely on the basis of rave reviews of Nabila’s No Makeup palette, a compact that serves all your basic needs for a neutral look to keep you going through the day. Five different shades are available, alongside a concealer, a concealer blending formula, a lip stain, and a blush – all in one compact! This product is very complementary to South Asian skin tones, and a blessing in the heat the country is generally graced with.

nabila-makup brand


Luscious Cosmetics is also a local brand that knows how to capitalize on global beauty trends, and markets its products quite effectively in a place where foreign brands are more in focus. The brains behind Luscious, Meherbano Sethi, used the recent trend of contouring and developed a contour kit for the local women, one that is convenient yet versatile.

makeup brand

The brand’s blushes, shimmers, and foundations are well-liked as well, and the skin tones of the marketed population are kept well in mind when forming the product, particularly in the case of foundation.


Medora is definitely an old favorite when it comes to local brands, given the amazing prices and the reasonable quality of products. It cannot be an exaggeration to say that every house must have at least one Medora product at hand.


While it has a whole line of cosmetics, it is most known for its lipsticks and the myriad of shades they are available in.


Swiss Miss is arguably one of the better Pakistani makeup brands out there, and for good reason. They offer a rainbow of colors when it comes to their nail polish, lipsticks and eyeshadows, with their crushed highlighters and blushes giving you that finishing glow to complete your look.

make up Pakistan


Sweet Touch is a vibrant burst of color amongst local makeup brands, quite popular for its affordable variety of nail polish colors. It was introduced by Mehran Enterprises in 2001, and since then has been involved in producing a vast array of bright and eye-catching nail, lip, and eye products.


Odho Cosmetics

Odho Cosmetics, launched by actress Atiqa Odho in 2003, is yet another one of local makeup brands that has steadily become quite popular in the country, and is considered to be amongst the favorite local cosmetic brands. The brand’s lipsticks are ones that you never tire of, and it offers a wide range of blush and eye palettes for all your face needs. On top of that, all products are made using ‘halal’ materials.

odho make up brand


Junaid Jamshed’s clothing line is well-established as a popular brand amongst the masses, it is yet to be seen how well this newly released line of makeup will fare in the market. It is definitely a strong contender in the business, considering the popularity of the brand.


They have come out with numerous lip, eye, and face products like highlighters, blush, and more, and have recently marketed them very cleverly by providing free makeovers at Dolmen mall using their products. While the makeover promotion is over, you can still head on over to an outlet and pick up an eye pencil or a lipstick or two to try it out for yourself.


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