Mobile World Congress 2017 – Top Mobile Brands Presenting New Phones

With 2017 well under way, the next big smart phone launch system is Mobile World Congress 2017. We’ve flittered through CES 2017 – the first big tech occasion of the season – with very few smart phone reports.

One of the most popular components in the mobile launch schedule, here’s everything you need to know about MWC 2017 and what mobile phones and other gadgets we can anticipate to see.

What is Mobile World Congress?

Mobile World Congress is a yearly show run by the GSMA. The place goes around European countries, but lately it has been organized in Spain’s capital, Barcelona.

mobile world congress 2017

Mobile World Congress is the discharge system for many of the seasons big mobile phones, but it has also given us a number of pills, smartwatches and other linked gadgets lately.

Outside of the customer area, it also attracts in many of the market heavyweights to discuss the upcoming of mobile, like 5G, chipsets and other technological innovation.

When is Mobile World Congress 2017?

Mobile World Congress 2017 will be organized on 27 Feb to 3rd March. These are the times that the express is open, the media times – where the big reports are made – usually fall before this.

Sunday 26 Feb will be the big launch day, the day before the show reveals to guests, with a number of verified media activities.

BlackBerry at MWC 2017

BlackBerry has ceased creating its own mobile phones and has passed the certificate to TCL. There had always been gossips of a new device – codenamed Mercury – launching in 2017 and in a unique move, a model of the Mercury has already been proven off, so we’ve had a play with it.

The contact and type cellphone revives a full BlackBerry key-board in a candybar type, but operates Android operating system. A heady mix, but not completely exposed yet, the BlackBerry Mercury or DTEK70 as it might be known, will be released at MWC 2017.

Google at MWC 2017

Google always has a fun at MWC, using it as the possibility to exhibit all its Android operating system associates. Google doesn’t usually launch at MWC, but gossips are indicating that 9 Feb will see the launch of Android operating system Use 2.0, along with a couple of gadgets.

It might be that Mobile World Congress is the first opportunity we get to see these new Android operating system Use gadgets, said to be designed together with LG.

Huawei at MWC 2017

Huawei has usually been having a fun of things, increasing product identification and launching some achieved gadgets like the Huawei P9. Huawei has a combined record with MWC, often using the meeting to discharge new gadgets, but not always the new leading, which often gets its own, huge, launch occasion a month later.

The organization sent out media invites for a meeting going on in Spain’s capital on 26 Feb, saying a “flagship device” is being revealed. It could well be the Huawei P10.

Google also lately exposed the Huawei VR head mobile phones, which might see a launch together with any gadgets that appear at MWC. We have a doubt that the Huawei Partner 9 Pro may be declared for the UK and US, too.

HTC at MWC 2017

With HTC experiencing something of a go back to develop with the HTC 10, and arriving off the rear of working on great gadgets in the Google Pixel and Pixel XL objectives are high for HTC in 2017.

HTC has already proven off its cup massive, the U Super, but that’s not its leading system for this season.

HTC’s said leading system is going under the name of HTC Sea, and the recommendation is that it will offer a very different method of connections, with no control buttons on the system at all. The image of this cellphone is a little dirty at this time with gossips of three gadgets due in beginning 2017, the first two of which have already been declared.

LG at MWC 2017

LG used MWC 2016 to discharge the G5, with its wide number of components, or Friends, as LG phone calls them. We’re looking to see the LG G6 showing at MWC 2017.

LG has already started proposition components of its next leading, first referring to show off technological innovation, what people want from a telephone and then battery power, gradually building a image. We anticipate this outflow mock to continue.

We might also be provided with new smartwatches.

Motorola at MWC 2017

Motorola – whether at Search engines or Lenovo – has not always used MWC lately to discharge gadgets. However, an encourage from Lenovo to a meeting planned for 26 Feb in Spain’s capital, verifies that Motrola has some programs for the case.

There’s been gossips of a new Motrola device, thought to be a new G sequence device, associated with lots of leaking, indicating that this system may be released at MWC.

Nokia at MWC 2017

Nokia lately taunted that it will have to make some kind of statement on 26 Feb, and has sent out a save the time frame for an MWC media meeting.

Nokia declared its first Android operating system cellphone, the Htc 6, as a Chinese suppliers unique. This is a top quality develop, but mid-range primary requirements and there’s no term on whether it will be arriving to other areas.

There’s always been gossip of a second cellphone, the Htc P1, which was always delivered as a leading system. Lately, a flow recommended this cellphone will be known as the Htc 8 and have some amazing requirements.

Samsung at MWC 2017

Samsung was predicted to declare the New samsung Universe S8 at Mobile World Congress 2017. The organization usually rules the Weekend, in this case 26 Feb, with a huge launch – the SGS7 was released on that day in 2016.

Sony at MWC 2017

Sony prefers to launch gadgets, often using IFA and MWC as to be able to do so. Having progressed from the Xperia Z family into the Xperia X, there’s already gossips that Sony models will be using MWC 2017 to upgrade the Xperia X. Sony models has, however, planned a media meeting for Thursday 27 Feb, so we know that something will be proven off.

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