New Hair Shades of Shireen Mizari Making Her Political Fashionista

Dr. Shireen Mizari is a flexible politician especially when it comes to her hair shades!

Besides, being a staunch nationalist and participant of PTI, she similarly takes part in her styles.

shireen mizari

A PhD MP who is a part of Parliament of Pakistan and provides as a ‘Chief Whip’ for Pakistan Tahreek-E-Insaf Party. She is hawkish nationalist for her nation, however, when comes to her style way of life, she always seen in different hair colors which creates her overall look lighter yet popular. The vital factor you can observe in her is all about her Hair of course. The actual her colors are that she never looks that uncomfortable when she provides those streaked hair colors.

She has also been known as a ‘Peacock of PTI’. No offense!

She has reconciled to a lot of critique within and outside the governmental globe. As an accurate and assured part of her concepts and concepts she stayed as a hill in the surprise and yes, she never didn’t remember to dye her hair. Lately, she has been seen in ‘pink and mild green’ colors.

shireen mizari

These hairstyles are her character appeal and one can quickly identify and remember her with her hair colors. She is a motivation for many younger ladies. We are looking ahead to her new future hair colors.

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