New Hot Look of Mehwish Hayat Depicting New Super Hero-in

We have seen Mehwish Hayat in multiple roles. From playing the daughter of a don to a woman in control of her destiny, she keeps surprising us all. And now she’s back to astound us one more. Recently we came across pictures of Mehwish Hayat in costume. However, there is little if any inclination of what she is up to.

The costume reminds us of a sexy mashup between Black Widow and Catwoman, leading us to believe a new superhero movie (or drama) might be in the works. In another picture, she sits ready in what looks like an abandoned factory, ready to take on some bad guys, or girls, we prefer to stay gender neutral.

mehwish hayat


As the mystery over this hot new look of Mehwish Hayat grows, we did a little digging of our own and came across the actress busy practicing for an action sequence. While this was for another project of hers, we now know she’s ready to defeat whatever evil stands in her way. Check out the video.

Unfortunately, at present we have more questions than answers. We don’t know what this new project of hers is. We aren’t sure if these are clippings from a movie, or a drama, could even be from a music video. We know the actress made a singing debut in Coke Studio’s season 9. Could she be launching a music album? Only time will tell.

Let’s all try to gather clues from the pictures we have seen so far.

Here’s a clue; Mehwish Hayat is all suited up in a costume similar to that of other superheroes. We can’t be sure which side, good or evil she is on either. With her hair and makeup perfectly on point, she looks fabulous no doubt. The background could be her secret lair where she lures in the good guys and makes them her slaves. Or if your imagination isn’t as crazy as our, it could be where she jumps from the sky, Tom Cruise style, to take on an evil professor planning a world takeover.

mehwish hayat

It could be anything from what we have suggested. Or it could be something different entirely. What we do know is that we will surely be waiting for the big reveal.

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