New York’s Industry Kitchen Presented 24 karat Gold Pizza

I have seen many foodies in my life. Have heard thousands of dishes and cultural cuisines. People all around the world prepare food in different manner. There are some fleshes that unhygienic and can be dangerous for health still people consume them. There is sea food consisted on under water living creatures. There are birds which consumed very keenly. People even love to eat reptiles and snakes. Chefs and restaurants are running to serve foodies the most unusual but tasty food. To sooth this trend a famous restaurant in New York Industry Kitchen presented the idea of Gold Pizza.

24 karat magic in the air ✨

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This pizza is categorizing as world’s most expensive pizza. Not only 24 karat gold flakes, all ingredients of this pizza are expensive to make it mark a standard all over the globe. To making mouth water of food lovers the pizza made with lots of Ossetra caviar derived from Caspian Sea, imported white Stilton cheese, truffles and Fois Gras from France and most expensive ingredient for this pizza is 24 karat gold flakes.

Ever wonder what gold taste like? Now’s your chance to find out… #2kPizza #GimmeDatGold

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The pizza costs 2000 dollars and can be fetched from Industry Kitchen in New York. The main idea behind this pizza is chief chef Braulio Bunay said he was inspired to create the exquisite dish by the city’s financial district – terming it “the epitome of decadence”. This pizza has made a significant status standard mark in USA and almost every food lover trying to get this yummy and luxurious pizza.

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