audi plant in Pakistan

Audi Establishing Car Manufacturing Plant in Pakistan

After France producer Renault, BMW, and Volkswagen’s attention in Pakistan’s regional automobile market, in German car producer, Audi AG (also known as Audi Pakistan) is now fascinated in starting an set up place within the nation. The company presented instructions of purpose to the Panel of Financial commitment (BoI) for concern. Head of automobile at […]

Yayvo & Jazz Cash Merged for Black Friday 2016

After the success of its ‘Great Online Shopping Festival (GOSF)’ in September,; the nation’s leading online e-commerce portal has joined hands with Jazz Cash to bring its customers ‘Yayvo Black Friday 2016’. Already known for fantastic discount offers and sales, on this occasion Yayvo is offering: Discounts of up to 80% on over 1,000 […]

Meet the new boss

ALTHOUGH he styles himself as a chief executive who can turn the country around, Donald Trump is an outsider in the world of American business. His commercial operation is tiny by the standards of the country’s mega-firms and few of their bosses have ever viewed the president-elect as an equal or ally. He has “no friends” among the business elite, sniffed a private-equity baron a few weeks ago, who will doubtless now join a queue of executives waiting at Trump Tower to curry favour and to assess the new man’s priorities before he assumes office.

Those supplicants will soon discover that Mr Trump’s attitude towards business has three contradictory strands. He is passionate about unleashing the might of the private sector in order to revive growth. There is certainly plenty of scope: last year listed American companies invested a mediocre 46% of their total cashflow. Yet he is also a populist who thinks the economy is rigged in favour of big business and crony capitalists, and he is a protectionist. In the coming months these three different strands will respectively excite, worry and scare the business world.

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How to Get Job in Telecom Sector being Pakistani

If there are no Jobs (for fresh grads without any reference) then how to survive in Telecom market? How to get the job after all? Before I tell you that, let’s go through some useful information regarding telecom sector which wasn’t shared with us before we started our job hunt. Telecom sector is divided into […]

mastercard Pakistan launched officially

Official Inauguration of MasterCard Pakistan

In order to move operations towards the Middle East with more effect to strengthen its footprint, the company, MasterCard is a technological global payments setup and has now formally commenced with official operations and business in Pakistan. According to a report, MasterCard will also be setting up their office setup in Karachi. Mastercard Pakistan Private […]


10 Hilarious Things you face at First Day on Job in Office Time

The first day at a new job is always terrifying! New faces and a totally different environment are bound to freak newcomers out! Clumsy introductions and embarrassing situations are a mandatory part of the first day. Such hilarious things just make it so much worse. We bet everyone can relate to extremely comical first-day-at-work moments! […]


Top Skills needed Now Days to Grab Lucrative Jobs – LinkedIn Analysis

Jobs are very difficult so find. People who have ever gone through job hunting know how hectic the procedure is even if you have required skills. Currently recruiters and experts have made this hunt bit easy but still there are many unwanted things happens while you searching best suitable jobs. The most intelligent approach while […]

Government Tax Policy Decreasing Number of Entrepreneurs for Government projects  

Pakistan’s economy is going slow in making shifts towards cash saving opposite to taxation policy of government. Experts are categorizing this as a structural change that will result into high inflation and will also bring low economic productivity. The growth in banking sector deposits are far lower than the previous deposits, during fiscal year 2015 […]

Changes to the business pages

From Monday 15 April 2013 we will no longer be updating the Asia Business index. Instead we will be putting our efforts into covering Asian stories as part of the main business pages. Please follow the link to Business at the top of the page or on this…