Poor guys are not ugly, they are only needed to be discover – Arshad Khan Chaiwalla

The recent viral sensation in Pakistan and king of social media Arshad Khan Chaiwalla signed modelling contract. Arshad Khan is just 18 and has now landed a modelling contract with a fashion brand. The social media sensation after a week of his massive and unusual popularity has appeared in various morning shows. The illiterate Arshad […]

Quick and Interesting Facts About PTI Leader Imran Khan

Quick facts about Imran Khan Full name: Ahmad Khan Niazi Imran known as Imran Khan Birth date:  25 Nov 1952 Place of Birth: Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan Zodiac Sign:  Sagittarius Education: Oxford University Occupation:  Sportsman, Political leader Interesting Facts About Imran Khan 1- Took Pakistan to Cricket World Cup finals in 1992 and won the competition […]

7 hidden facts about Mahira Khan never revealed on media

The gorgeous lady of Asia and super model of Pakistan Mahira Khan respects her family a lot and always wanted to spend her free time with them. This honor and respect by Mahira is not limited to her family and elders but also her colleagues and mates in showbiz. The industry in which she has […]

hidden facts about lady gaga

21 interesting facts about Lady Gaga besides her plenty oops moments

Lady Gaga is not unknown to anyone. She is not only a versatile singer but her dressing pattern outlook and fashions gives her extra spark. Because of her extra ordinary fashion styles she looks different among all female English singers. In near future Lady Gaga is launching her new album which claims that it will […]