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These GIFs of IT Movie Will Give You Goosebumps – Most Horror Movie

The launch of IT Movie trailer has made everyone planning to watch this horror fiction for sure. The movie is planned to be released in September 2017. This would be the most horrifying horror fiction among all that made up till now. This is not only the trailer but many have made GIFs images. These […]

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Top 15 Vampire Movies Worth More Than Twilight

The scariest, bloodiest, and sometimes funniest vampire movies of all time. How many have you seen? They want to suck your blood. Isn’t that cool? Vampire movies are one of the most beloved horror genres. It helps that vampires are one of the most universal monsters in folklore. Practically every region on Earth has their […]

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Super Highlights of Oscar Awards 2017 – Mahershala Ali is 1st Muslim Oscar Winner

Oscar 2017 Winners List is now out and everybody’s favorite “La La Land” won 7 awards out of its 14 total nominations. The grandiose event kick started with a gorgeous beginning with the right razzmatazz, bold dresses, controversial statements and of course, big boo-boos. Here is all you need to know about the Oscar Awards […]

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The Lion King 2017 – Great Remake with Donald Glover and James Earl Jones

There is nothing especial than having childhood days back. People of late 80’s and 90’s surely know The Lion King. An emotional conceptual and highly fascinating animated movie of Jungle King. Disney’s all animated movies ere awesome and there is nothing special than having them back again. After Beauty and The Beast, The Lion King […]

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Now Pakistani Movies Are my Priorities, Said Mahira Khan after Raees Release

The Bollywood Zaalima, has literally floored the whole of subcontinent! The critics of Indian nation seem reluctant to admit that our Humsafar hottie has rocked her role in Raees. However, the reviews from worldwide movie-goers are applauding MK for perfectly portraying the character of SRK’s wife Aasiya in the movie. What is more, the whole […]

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Free Download Bollywood Movies Raees and Kaabil From Facebook

  While Pakistani cinemas are gearing up to finally welcome Hrithik Roshan’s action-packed thriller ‘Kaabil’, various Facebook pages have been spotted uploading the full movie online. Similarly, Mahira Khan’s Raees has also paved its way illegally on the web! Now, Raees and Kaabil’s full films are becoming a popular search on Facebook. It seems the […]

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Female Pakistani Cinematographer’s Film” La Femme et Le TVG” Nominated in Oscar 2017

Oscar nominations 2017 have just been rolled out yesterday and many might not know but a Pakistani has made it to the 89th Academy Awards! And it’s not Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy. It is the rising cinematographer, Nausheen Dadabhoy! A student of American Film Institute, the young artist is a Los Angeles and Karachi-based cinematographer. Her movie […]

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Raees vs Kaabil Which Will Score More – Bollywood Movies

No, it’s not the release date. Yes, of course, that is common between Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees and Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil, but that’s not what we are talking about. The two clashed at the box-office today and earned the label of the biggest box-office clash of 2017. Despite all the efforts and peace-talks, the makers […]

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xXx Return of Xander Cage Review – Watch Peedika’s Hot Actions

For those who are not a huge fan of action movies or the violence genre in general, xXx Return of Xander Cage will prove to be an interesting watch. The movie has been able to stand its ground as one story with no continued plots or story arches. Someone who hasn’t seen the first two […]

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Ayesha Omar Coming with Ahsen Khan in Romantic Comedy Movie Rehbra

Over the years, Ayesha Omar and Ahsan Khan have proved their mettle in Pakistan’s drama industry with their various acting trysts. However, the duo has never paired up for any T.V project! But now, we will be finally seeing the good-looking ‘jodi’ of Khan and Omar in an upcoming cinematic endeavor, “Rehbra”. The project is […]