Top 10 social media trends of 2016

Top 10 social media trends of 2016 – The Pakistanis

Put up a funny picture on Facebook or twitter and it’ll go viral in seconds- share a weird insight and people wouldn’t stop raving about it, such is the power of Social Media. The internet has celebrated so many overnight sensations these past few years that we have lost count. Be it the now deceased […]

armeena rana khan in the real target

Armeena Rana Khan Climbing High Towards British Movie The Real Target

Armeena Rana Khan is climbing the ladder of success higher and higher every passing day! The latest buzz is that she has achieved a massive feat by bagging a role in an upcoming British movie, The Real Target! WHILE THIS IS NOT HER FIRST PROJECT IN BRITAN’S ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY, THE REAL TARGET IS SURELY THE […]

Beauty & the Beast Movie ft. Emma Watson First Look & Teaser

We can’t wait for 2016 to end so that we get to experience the magic of 2017! With the March release of Disney’s live-action flick Beauty & the Beast movie, featuring Emma Watson & Dan Stevens, we are more than anxious to experience the magnificence in all its glory! A wave of totally magical, newly […]

ali zfar replaced by tahir bhasin in dear zindagi

Ali Zafar is Replaced by Tahir Raj Bhasin for Bollywood Movie ‘Dear Zindagi’

Seems like the ban of Pakistani celebrities in Bollywood have hit Ali Zafar pretty hard! The buzz is that the singer has been replaced in his upcoming Indian movie, Dear Zindagi that also stars Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt. A news report by reveals that makers of Dear Zindagi want to stay away […]

nawaz sharif look alike

Nawaz Sharif Look Alike Spotted in Philippine – OMG she is Just another Nawaz Sharif  

These days the political issues of Pakistan raised so much that everyone is talking about them. The Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan are main topics of discussion. While discussing on hot topics and future of Pakistan politics. We as nation are always being targeted by politicians. If we ever think why and how these politicians […]

How it Looks if Hollywood Monsters Attack Pakistan

  Cartoons are not a kids thing anymore in Pakistan. There are many adults who keenly and regularly watch cartoons and remain in cartoon theme based fantasies. The Powerpuff girls are my personal favorite cartoons. I have been watching them since long. There is always a monster who attack their town and powerpuff girls rescue […]

7 Most Horror Movies Collection to watch this Halloween

The world is celebrating Halloween Day today. It is a Christian celebration that is observed in remembering the dad saints. The origin of this event although derived from Catholic sect but it is one of the most popular events celebrated throughout the world. The main aim of Halloween was to remembering the pious Christian dead […]


Superheroes are Dedicated to Desi Celebrities, Find out Arshad Khan as Spiderman

Everybody loves a good story around a benevolent superheroes saving the world, one episode at a time. Growing up, whether you were a die-hard Marvel fan or believed in the creative superiority of DC comics, a fictional character with superhuman powers, regular human by day and vigilante by night was just your cuppa’ tea. But […]

Poor guys are not ugly, they are only needed to be discover – Arshad Khan Chaiwalla

The recent viral sensation in Pakistan and king of social media Arshad Khan Chaiwalla signed modelling contract. Arshad Khan is just 18 and has now landed a modelling contract with a fashion brand. The social media sensation after a week of his massive and unusual popularity has appeared in various morning shows. The illiterate Arshad […]

When a female news reporter slapped by police cop

In a nation where pestering, respect and sexual assault are becoming subjects of advised conversation among political figures, activists, feminist sectors and the common man, one may think that we are advancing towards the right monitor. It was only lately that the nation party in jubilation after an unforgivable loophole was eliminated. In regulation for […]