Celebrities that Completed Mannequin Challenge Successfully – Video

Mannequin Challenge is getting popular in Pakistan as well. You might have noticed many videos going viral on internet. These videos show group of people posing still positions, acting as statutes. The Mannequin Challenge is a popular Internet movie pattern where individuals remain freezing in action like mannequins while video clips is documented, usually with […]

Lions of the Sea

Salman Khan Appointed Irrfan Khan for Movie ‘Lions of the Sea’

  It’s time to rejoice for Salman Khan fans! Salman Khan Productions is all set to make history with his upcoming film ‘Lions of the Sea’, reports Hindustan Times. Salman Khan has recently decided to collaborate with the Toronto-based Indian tycoon Ajay Virmani for his historical flick. The movie will revolve around the famous incident […]

coke studio

Top 10 Coke Studio Songs of All Time – Coke Studio all Seasons Mashup

Taking Pakistan’s music industry to unparallel heights, Coke Studio Season 8 is ruling the charts, not just in Pakistan but worldwide too. The branded live music show has been the custodian of Pakistan’s very own music industry for eight years now. The musical journey that started off with Rohail Hyatt, by Coca-Cola in 2008 is […]

lahore se aagey movie

Lahore Se Aagey facing Mixed Comments by Viewers

Lahore Se Aagey saw a star-studded elite in both Karachi and Lahore. Featuring Saba Qamar and Yasir Hussain, the film is all set to formally start in theaters nowadays, after Eleventh Nov 2016. While its prequel, Karachi Se Lahore worked out excellent at the box-office, it was missing the much-needed impact of an amazing journey […]

donald trump claimed to be pakistani

Donald Trump Was Born in Pakistan: False Claim by a Local News Channel

Donald Trump has become President of the United States of America and the whole world lost its chill. There was an uproar on social media regarding Trump’s victory and amidst all the frenzy, a local news channel broadcasted a prime-time report that the newly elected American president was born in Pakistan.   Neo News took […]

Dobara Phir Se movie

Facts That Shows Dobara Phir Se Movie will be a Blockbuster

Pakistani theater has now achieved its top point! The season 2016 saw many regional movies, all uniting to permanently convert the head of nation’s entertainment industry. Now that the testing of Bollywood movies has been revoked in country’s’ cinemas, movie-makers are needed to generate great quality Pakistani movies all the more. The 30th of Nov […]