golden globes

Difference Between Oscar Awards and Golden Globes

The Golden Globes are hosted by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. As the name suggests, the group exists to disseminate info about US entertainment to the world at large. The 90 or so members are responsible for publications that provide free advertising to some quarter-billion foreign observers. This is why the Globes include more categories […]

be my guest

Shahrukh Khan Served as Waiter at #BeMyGuest Promotion

  Shahrukh Khan and his fans scattered all around the world, SRK is adored by people from all works of life.  Now just imagine the shock of his devotees, when he invited them to be his guest in the grand city of Dubai! Good Morning! #BeMyGuest @iamsrk ???? #SRK #ShahRukhKhan #KingKhan #KingOfBollywood #Baadshah #VisitDubai #Dubai […]

Faryal Makhdoom

Amir Khan Launching ‘Kardashian Style’ TV Show After Faryal Makhdoom Snapchat Rant

Boxer Amir Khan has been a media sensation for being a prolific athlete in the past. We all seem to chant his name in support and pride as emerges victorious in most of his fights. However, this time around, all our attention has focused on some other issue emerged in the past few days. Khan’s […]


Superheroes are Dedicated to Desi Celebrities, Find out Arshad Khan as Spiderman

Everybody loves a good story around a benevolent superheroes saving the world, one episode at a time. Growing up, whether you were a die-hard Marvel fan or believed in the creative superiority of DC comics, a fictional character with superhuman powers, regular human by day and vigilante by night was just your cuppa’ tea. But […]

Poor guys are not ugly, they are only needed to be discover – Arshad Khan Chaiwalla

The recent viral sensation in Pakistan and king of social media Arshad Khan Chaiwalla signed modelling contract. Arshad Khan is just 18 and has now landed a modelling contract with a fashion brand. The social media sensation after a week of his massive and unusual popularity has appeared in various morning shows. The illiterate Arshad […]

When a female news reporter slapped by police cop

In a nation where pestering, respect and sexual assault are becoming subjects of advised conversation among political figures, activists, feminist sectors and the common man, one may think that we are advancing towards the right monitor. It was only lately that the nation party in jubilation after an unforgivable loophole was eliminated. In regulation for […]