6 Horrible Things Fairness Creams Are Doing To Your Skin

It is customary for people in our culture to introduce beauty standards that drive all men and women go running after. It is like a rat race, endorsed by capitalism, forcing our people to believe the natural way they are made or the changes that come along. It is not suggested that you do not take […]

benefits of eating chocolate

7 Benefits of Eating Chocolates – Dark Chocolates

Chocolate is often regarded as healthiest food on earth by many people belonging to different regions. On the same ide many people avoid chocolates because they are sweet and full of calories. The diabetics face separate issues after consuming it. Many avoid taking them because of physical health and weight gain. In-fact there are almost […]

home color decor 2017

Home décor colors for 2017 – Stylish Ideas for Home Décor

We are almost come to end of 2016, which means one thing: It’s already time to discuss which home decor trends will define next year. On the color front, innovative colors are positioned to take center level, according to a famous interior decorator who, just launched their forecasts for colors to keep an eye on […]

10 Hottest Things to do in Winters

If you have noticed the sudden need to break open your slightly warmer blanket and perhaps thinking of switching down your fan in the evening, ladies and gentlemen, it is perhaps because winter is finally here. Now don’t get me wrong. We here in Karachi, barely know what it is like to have a proper […]

smog in lahore

How to Combat Smog Surrounded in Lahore

As you all must know by now, an intense fog has engulfed Lahore, affecting breathing and visibility, forcing the residents of Lahore to stay at home. However, the fog is man-made, a mixture of smoke & fog, created by pollution and other man-made elements. The smog is highly toxic and can be extremely harmful to […]

5 Scorpio Characteristics that urge to have Scorpio Friends

25th October 2016 and month of Scorpions has started. There are many people who don’t believe in zodiac sings and stars. But its significance has depth and importance that can’t be neglected.  I am myself Libra and my favorite star is Scorpio. There are lots of good qualities that made scorpions most wanted people among […]